LG Optimus vs. Huwaei Ascend?

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  1. aliciaa1

    aliciaa1 Well-Known Member

    I'm getting a new phone next weekend, but not sure which one to get!
    I've been looking at the Optimus and the Ascend. Which one is better?
    I like the all touchscreen of the phones and they both look like they are the same size.
    How is the ascend ? how is the Optimus?
    any suggestions??
    I'm not sure which to get, and this will be my first android phone as well!

    also, is the ascend tapout edition same operating system as the optimus? will be work just like it? (I dont' know who tapout is) but If I get that phone i'll just buy a case for it.

  2. Vance Fox

    Vance Fox Well-Known Member

    They have rather small screens but the lg will be more customizable and I believe, don't quote me, that the ascend does not do flash.
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  3. Insanecrane

    Insanecrane Well-Known Member

    The Optimus is the better phone of the two. The Ascend is the lowest end of Android phones Metro offers, The indulge the highest . The M is the middle and is a good starting point for first time android users, the drawback to some is it is incapable of running flash. The Skyfire web browser can be used to work around this issue however.

    I'd recommend the M. I have one and it's more than a decent phone for the price. It's extremely customizable even non rooted. Hope this helps you some in making your decision.
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  4. Vance Fox

    Vance Fox Well-Known Member

    The Indulge is not the best... it's just the most expensive...

    It could be the best, but both @Samsungservice and @MetroPCS will not support it. They just want us Indulge owners to buy a new phone when we're finally so pissed off at this one.

    I will be buying a new phone... at a new carrier.
  5. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    optimus m is the way to go. spend a few extra bucks to save the regret.
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  6. Aplus

    Aplus Well-Known Member

    I've heard that from a few people. I really wanted to get it for the 4g but, with all the problems I've been hearing about, I think I'll stick with my Optimus until something better comes out. Metro had stated that they expect to have at least 9 android phones drop before the end of the year and they have 3 now (well, 4 if you include the tapout ascend) so hopefully they'll come out with a decent 4g phone soon.
  7. aliciaa1

    aliciaa1 Well-Known Member

    Thank you everyone. Well I had no interest on getting the indulge because of the slide out keyboard because I wanted all touchscreen.
    But I'm thinking on just buying the optimus because I herd its a really good phone and better than the ascend.
  8. Vance Fox

    Vance Fox Well-Known Member

    It is... but you most likely will become annoyed with the 1xRTT speeds while almost everyone else is enjoying EVDO or LTE
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  9. Anduiril

    Anduiril Well-Known Member

    The optimus is a good phone and out of the box performs slightly better than the Ascend. But if you are semi-computer literate and can follow directions you can make the Ascend runs circles around the Optimus by flashing to a custom built rom. I'm running CyangonMod 7 on mine right now which is Android 2.3.4.

    There are 2 physical parts on the Ascend that the Optimus doesn't have that are invaluable to me a trackball (some say it's cheesy but it makes hitting those itty bitty spots on a web page so much easier) and MOST IMPORTANTLY and end call button (no having to turn the screen on to end an annoying phone call).

    Good luck and enjoy which ever phone you get. :D
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  10. Vance Fox

    Vance Fox Well-Known Member

    After studying this issue, Metro is doomed with their LTE chipset. Both Verizon and Metro, which run off "LTE", can not maintain battery life with that standard. It drains the battery. I don't know if it is due to a bad design or a short but unless they fix that their 4g phones will not least long off the wall.

    Wimax, which gets around the same speeds, has a different frequency and chipset. I have found that the EVO, on 4g, has a battery life of around 4-5 hours. Keep in mind that the Evo also has 3g-evdo.

    Now I have also discovered that Samsung can not develop android software or build a good phone. Their gps locator chip sucks and their processor doesn't feel like it should. It feels like Samsung has been building race cars with a model T engine...

    Also, Metro's service is slow. 1xrtt will drive you crazy. What is worse is Metro either disconnects your download or the connection drops so you can't download that file, even when you can get 4g.

    If there are 2 of you I recommends going to Sprint and buying 2 Evo phones on their 1500 minute unlimited data plan. You will save your mind and not spends much more thanks to the Evo having a price tag of $200.
  11. Questkev

    Questkev Active Member

    read the BOLD
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  12. aliciaa1

    aliciaa1 Well-Known Member

    Well thank you.

    But honestly I am sticking with metro pcs..I don't have any intrest in switching my phone provider. Honestly, I can deal with metro pcs's speeds. I don't want to be spending no $100 a month on a PHONE! its a phone, I'd much rather have unlimited everything for cheaper than $119 a month thanks. I'm not looking to have a super fast phone, I just would like to get a android power one. My friend has the ascend and it works well also a guy who I work with has the optimus and they both have no complaints about the phones.

    I am pretty good with a computer and can read and follow directions pretty well. I was thinking about doing that if I did get the Ascend. I want the ascend because of the color, I like the dark color and how it just looks. The optimus's look doesn't really appeal to me..I don't like the light color of it. But if I get the optimus I was going to get a case so I wouldn't see the color of it.

    But I'm still deciding which one to get, I honestly don't know just yet. I have until next weekend to figure it out! ahaha
    But any more opinions will help out :)
  13. Insanecrane

    Insanecrane Well-Known Member

    I have to disagree with this statement somewhat. If you are computer literate(even to the slightest degree) you can root the M, and flash a custom ROM and totally outperform the Ascend. The fact is the Ascend has lesser hardware to begin with, therefore by tweaking both the M will always outperform it.

    Either way both are decent phones and easily modified. It comes down to personal preference, like the Ascend features you mentioned.

    Take your time and research both models extensively. Go to Metro and handle both, compare features and go with what you feel will fit your needs the most.

    Best of luck in choosing :)
  14. Jayluis29

    Jayluis29 New Member

    Wassup ppl. Lmao! I happen to have both phones, the ascend, and the optimus. Out the box, the optimus runs faster than the ascend. The acend runs 2.1, and most optimus 2.2.1. The acend seems to have more internal phone storage than the optimus. I have both rooted. The ascend is a great phone. If you put a custom rom in it... like the cyanogen7, I wouldn't doubt that it performs well. You will love the ascend for the price. It's an awesome phone. Goodluck with your decision.
  15. allmanallpimp

    allmanallpimp Well-Known Member

    take a gander at these forums. cm7 is pretty close on the optimus m as what it is on the ascend...

    optimus m:
    processor: 600mhz
    ram: 512MB

    processor: 512mhz
    ram: 256MB

    In all honesty if the ascend had 512MB of ram I would be all over it. It's lack of physical ram hurts it dramatically. I've done a lot of modifying in my time, but the optimus truly has better parts in it. lg and samsung make the best devices in metro's current line up. man oh man do i miss those nokias...
  16. det1726

    det1726 Well-Known Member

    The only good thing about the ascend over the optimus is the slightly larger screen and the track ball...

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