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  1. optimusChelp

    optimusChelp New Member

    My biggest problem with this device is that when I have an incoming call it lights up, rings VERY quietly for a second before finally ringing as loud as it should. The problem is by the time it picks up on the volume, I have already missed a call. All of my volume settings are at their peak.

    Also, Angry Birds has huge frame rate/lag issues on this device. Any help please?!

  2. RazzMaTazz

    RazzMaTazz Well-Known Member

    My Optimus S (same phone) doesn't have that ringer problem and it plays Angry Birds smoothly. It sounds like there's something wrong wtih your phone. Maybe you should reset it to its factory settings. If that doesn't solve the problem, then you should return your phone.
  3. snivlingwimp

    snivlingwimp Active Member

    yeah.. mine rings quietly too for a second (obviously done purposely). At first it annoyed me but I have decided I kinda like it that way.. . But I can see that it might inconvenience if you are the kind of person that gets to it just in the nick of time before the voicemail kicks in as you are losing the first Ringy Dingy to the gradual kick in crescendo.

    The Angry birds thing... I have noted the lag too on the scenarios where there is more objects on the page... perhaps this is due to having only a 600 mhz processor and it occupying it to its limits?? I have noted that when I back out of apps in a certain way and go back to them they pick up where they left off as though I did not tell them to close.. I.e is it still multitasking ??? If so should I learn to shut them down properly??? Maybe this is the cause of the lag???
  4. larkascending

    larkascending Active Member

    I always kill tasks with Advanced Task Manager before I run any games. I never have any problems with them.
  5. ~WickedKlownz~

    ~WickedKlownz~ New Member

    Please help....for some reason, all of a sudden I cant send out any messages. My phone (LG Optimus C) says it sends them but the people I send them to never receive them.
  6. 0DD

    0DD Well-Known Member

    Try dialing *228

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