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  1. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    I got this phone a few days ago, and plan on making a review very soon. If there are any specific questions before that, I will try my best to answer. Also: hi, I'm new here. :)

  2. pyre394

    pyre394 New Member

    Hi, I would like to know if there's any way to root this phone (z4root didn't work). What I'm trying to do is to make it download and install by default on the sd card the apps from android market. Thanks.
  3. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    I don't know, but I would like to try, because it seems to me that it's too slow for a 600 MHz phone.

    do you own it? could you please post results here if you manage to root it?

    Also, did you find any official website about the phone from LG? All I can find is Kazakhstan or something like that.

    Does the LG PC suite work with any phone, or do you have to get a specific version of the software for that specific phone?


  4. rincage

    rincage Member

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  5. rincage

    rincage Member

  6. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Active Member

    Dobrodošao! :D

    How slow is it? Does it affect everything, or just some applications, like browser?

    How is the keyboard like? Is it difficult to use, since the screen is small?

    And how does it support flash? I've read that it does support flash, but partially.

    My girlfriend needs an affordable Android phone 'till she gets more money for something better, since her HTC Desire Z was stolen, so we're looking for the best option. :)
  7. shurlz0811

    shurlz0811 New Member


    i just got my first android phone. the lg p350.
    i am looking for an app where i can download images from facebook from my frieds albums.
    bad side of p350: it seems to have a multi touch issue.
    me and a friend got the same phone and we did a multi touch test and it seems not to respnd properly but for it's price it's good enough.
  8. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

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  9. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    go to touch.facebook.com and hold your finger on the pic. then select save.

    What kind of issue, it works fine here.. zooming in and out and all that.
  10. Caunsidh

    Caunsidh Active Member

    Well, that's expected from a phone with 600MHz... It's same with mine.

    Then I suppose that there should be no problems with it. :)

    Oh. I thought that some things are working always, and some are not. Like, youtube videos work, but some other things don't, for example.

    Mine is even worse. XD

    Well, my SE has a "protective layer", but it still got scratched, even though I keep it in a pocket that doesn't contain anything, so it wouldn't get scratched... but still it got scratched somehow. -.-

    Avoidable. :D

    It does help, indeed. Hvala lijepa na odgovoru. :D
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  11. Android Love

    Android Love New Member

    I mainly want to buy this phone for internet browsing/surfing. I will connect this phone with my laptop for internet.

    Can ny 1 pls tel me abt the internet browsing speed of this phone?
  12. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    well, this is kind of a "how fast does a car go" question, but here goes nothing:

    If you connect to a WiFi network it's a/b/g, and if you use any 3G network it's a ~3mbit link. Keep in mind that the screen resolution is smaller than most androids and that it doesn't support flash; so the surfing experience is somewhat different than on most android phones.
  13. shadik555

    shadik555 New Member

    I went to the market and there were only 2 categories:top free and just in.Should there be paid apps too? please help :confused:
  14. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    There should also be "my apps", "games" and "apps". under "apps" you have categories and you can buy stuff. also, you can just tap the search button and search for anything you want.
  15. dJape

    dJape New Member

    Pozdrav :)

    I have the same phone and the same problem...
    When you have about 20 Mb free memory then you have to wait 30 sec to load widgets. With app "Super Box" you can see how many free memory do you have and if it's low try to kill the running apps.
    And if memory is still low then reboot phone, that should do the trick :D
  16. kekio84

    kekio84 Active Member

    Hello :) I'm new here and to android too.I also bought this LG Optimus Me about a month ago.And im interested if it can be rooted? Is there any way?Because,there are some apps that need root. Any help is good.Even manual rooting is an option. :) Just tell me how please :p Thanks
  17. ethan123

    ethan123 Member

    I BROUGHT this phone few weeks ago n i would like to know weather this phone can b rooted or not ..i tried superoneclick but of no use ..my phone is having some restart issues since i used it too !!
  18. baovan

    baovan New Member

    You can root P350 easily with Gingerbreak.rar ( I did 4 days ago)
    DI?N ?
  19. baovan

    baovan New Member

    Sorry , it 's gingerbread.rar

  20. vasper

    vasper Member

    Was the phone loaded with Android 2.2 Froyo or Android 2.3 Gingerbread?
  21. aj18

    aj18 New Member

    My LG P350 is pissing me off. Everytime I'll open the gallery, it will take minutes to display the pictures. Does anybody know what could be the reason for this? thanks..

  22. maneff

    maneff Member

    Download QuickPic and use it instead of the Gallery APP. This helped me. It's ultra fast and stable but doesn't load online stuff (like PICASA uploads ... like the gallery does)
  23. kekio84

    kekio84 Active Member

    I rooted my phone with gingerbreak. Now i need to SIM unlock it somehow.Does anyone know how to do that? free offcourse
  24. rautmr24

    rautmr24 New Member

    No response from phone while pc suit syncronising
  25. jkatblues

    jkatblues Member

    Thanks for th tip maneff! The only app thar slows my p350 down is "Lookout" anti virus, I disable it when I dont require, otherwise very pleased with unit especially the compactness!
    Screen has protective layer which can be peeled off, I think it affects response. keeping it on until it gets to scratched like the rest of the phone will over time. :)

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