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  1. Hug-oo

    Hug-oo New Member

    I recently bought an LG-P350 phone and when ever I take pictures, they never show up in the application called "Gallery".
    How can I find the pictures I have taken?

  2. LouiseM

    LouiseM New Member

    Hello,I sure hope someone reads this soon and responds. I too have the battery issue,i had to deactivate the apps from running in the 'background' and getting automatic updates or it goes flat. I thought id try the safe mode thing,now i cant get it out of safe mode or even really know what that means,and i cant get the internet to connect,the wifi just continues to scan...does anyone know to help?? thanks:) oh and what the hell does 'root' the phone mean...maybe i should have stuck to something a bit less complicated...
  3. pierrebritain

    pierrebritain New Member

    I had the same problem when i bought it. So i took it to my mobile carrier's technician and he told me it's a problem with the gadget so you need to change it, that's what i did the next day i bought it.Check the guarantee No solution for that. Good Luck
  4. pierrebritain

    pierrebritain New Member

    hi guys any good apps for this phone lg p350 to make it even more useful??
  5. Lexx1983

    Lexx1983 New Member

    Seems to me that it separates pictures that you capture with the camera from pics that you BlueTooth.

    If you're seeing the pic that you bluetoothed, then up in the top left corner of the screen there should be what looks like a tiny picture of a couple snowy mountains.
    Pressing on it should show 2 "folders". One of them obviously being your camera pics.
  6. pulkit1985

    pulkit1985 New Member

    Hello dear all

    i am new to android world after buying LG P350.

    how can i learn more about android and what can i do with LG P350.

    Can i start experiment with this or anyone can suggest me what can i do?

    please Help me out.
  7. Laudano

    Laudano Member

    Hi there folks,

    I'm new to the forum and got a P350/Optimus ME for sometime now. I found this handset pretty decent for the price I paid (roughly $60), but with a bunch of caveats more or less solvable, so I'll summarize what I've discovered so far:

    1 - Battery life: 5 to 6 hours with 3G, Wifi, Bluetooth or GPS always turned on. I managed to extend battery duration using the Power Control widget to disable all this services when I'm not using them. I also rooted the beast using gingerbreak.rar following a tip on this forum and managed to install the SetCPU app, which can under-clock the handset to 122Mhz when the phone is idle. It's useful and spares a lot of battery. Managing the background apps and wireless connections as well as underclocking the handset makes battery life improve to something like 6 to 7 days.

    2 - Performance: Avoid, if you can, the G+ client (I can't). I love Google Plus, but the client for Android looks bloated - at least for this handset. It clogs memory, sucks up CPU cycles and makes the overall experience miserable every time it's running. The BBC News and Economist apps were also bad so I uninstalled them right away. Bloated apps make the P-350 very unhappy. :)

    3 - 3G: Although it's fast and works splendidly on the p-350, my data plan cap sucks, so I'm using 2G and sparing battery power and a few bucks. The WiFi feature is very decent, too, and I managed to achieve 7Mbps downloads measured with the Speed Test app.

    4 - Apps: The Advanced task killer app helped me to unload background apps like G+, music, or any other I'm not using for the moment. As for the apps, Twitter, Facebook, World Newspapers, Opera, RT, RealCalc, AdobeReader, VNC, ASTRO, ES Task Manager, Landroid, Photoshop Express, Picasa Tool, Goodreads, Chrome to Phone, Barcode Scanner and Dropbox apps, among others, are all ok and light enough to provide a positive experience on the handset. Fifa 10, Pool Master, Quake, AngryBirds, PaperToss also ran beautifully.

    5 - Games: Gaming is decent provided you disable everything (WiFi, auto-sync, GPS, bluetooth) and make a preemptive cleaning on the background running apps.

    6 - Voice: For a LG , the phone system is pretty good. My kid used to have another - non-Android - LG handset and call/voice quality sucked bad.

    I just keep in mind this phone CPU makes 600 bogomips, measured by SetCPU, and it's the same that a AMD K6 from years ago did (as opposed to the 3000 bogomips a Galaxy SII provides, which is comparable to a Pentium 4 1500Mhz), so I had to barebone the OS to the maximum in order to squeeze the best performance from it.


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  8. Tsarli

    Tsarli Well-Known Member

    Great review Rico, spot on!
  9. pierrebritain

    pierrebritain New Member

    Hi rico
    Do i need to download the gingerbread.rar on my mobile or on my computer and what is its best advantange?? My phone get slow sometimes i try to load any app. I read lines above that then you need to unlock your sim card, is that true??



  10. pierrebritain

    pierrebritain New Member

    And also can you show me step by step the gingerbread app? thanks a lot.
  11. Laudano

    Laudano Member

    Hi Pierre,

    I was talking about the exploit to gain root access to the LG P350, not the gingerbread new OS version that, as far as I know, is not yet available to this handset. A simple google search for gingerbreak.rar (I'm also a newbie, so I can't yet post links) will direct you to the file. Just unpack it, transfer via USB or Bluetooth to the handset and install it via some file manager (Astro, ES File Manager, etc).

    Remember: after gaining root access you can *potentially* do things that can damage permanently your handset, so unless you already know what you're doing and what are the benefits, it's wise to do some research of your own on the pros and cons of such an endeavor. :)

    For me, one of the best benefits was the fact I can run some network and development tools I couldn't without root access.

    Good luck.
  12. pulkit1985

    pulkit1985 New Member

    hell frnds

    my phone p350 slowdown just after install few 10-12 application
    wht can i do?

    everytime i go for factory reset but this remove all???

    please help me out
  13. Tsarli

    Tsarli Well-Known Member

    Sometimes its not the number of applications but what kind of apps you've installed and use. Example: Live Wallpapers can really slow down the P350.
  14. ntf34

    ntf34 New Member

    I am new to this forum or any forum for that matter, I had some questions and was wondering if anyone can help.
    1. Every time I make a call the phone automatically locks is there a way to change that?
    2. I seem to get text messages if there is a missed call telling me that I have a missed call.
    3. when I place a call it says divert activated any ideas what that is or why that happens?
    4. There are a bunch of apps that came with the phone I want to delete them but it wont let me how do I do it?
    5. Why can't I seem to find anything about this phone on lg site. It seems as far as they are concerned this phone doesn't exists?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. If I posted this in the wrong thread I apologize if you could direct me to somewhere better to post that would be helpful thanks.
  15. Laudano

    Laudano Member

    Welcome, ntf34, :)

    Your questions:

    1 - I also find annoying the lock phone feature, but I guess it's there to prevent the accidental answering of the phone when it is on your pocket, for example.

    2 - Same here and I find this useful.

    3 - Probably you have some sort of call forwarding on your settings. Check your phone config. It happened to me on an old Nokia I had and I disabled the feature and the message went away.

    4 - To delete (or move to the SD card) the default apps you have to root your phone and manually erase them. If you're not familiar with Linux or Android, it's better to take your time and do some research of your own before doing so. I did it, but not without some fear of losing/bricking the phone. The forum is full of good tips to do so and I learnt a lot here.

    5 - Truth is: The LG site is ugly/clumsy/trashy as hell. There's a Brazilian site for the P350, but it's poor and very clunky with lots of flash screens and few useful information. I couldn't find an English version of the site for the P-350, though. Sorry for not posting the links, but I'm also a newbie on the forum, so no links for me yet. :)
  16. salamkhamis

    salamkhamis New Member

    hi, I got new LG P350. I have a problem with Arabic Language. that I can't read Arabic massages or Arabic websites.

    Advise please.
    thanks in advanced.
  17. avunduk

    avunduk New Member

    Anyone has the fm radio apk on his/her LG Optimus ME P350? (Which does
  18. rahulmuley

    rahulmuley New Member

    Hello All,
    I have tried syncing my contacts using LG PC Suit IV, but it always give me error that can not read from device. I can sync my call log and messages though... Please help.
  19. rvraghu

    rvraghu New Member

    Hello friends,
    I don't know what happened but all my SIM contacts are gone. All the contacts are very important. Please tell me how to restore them.
  20. nghiep1989

    nghiep1989 New Member

    how can i watch MP4/WMV/Flash simply in my P350 ???
    And can you give me a program can watch MP4/ WMV or Flash please ...
  21. dinakar24

    dinakar24 New Member


    I have bought LG P350 some 20 days back. Almost 2/3 times a day my mobile is hanging and when it happens some times it automatically restarts else i need to remove the battery and re-insert :mad:

    Some times it hangs while i am in the middle of the call :(. Very often i am seeing that my SD card is removed.

    Is any one facing this sought of issue? Please suggest me how to overcome this issue?

  22. iSangoKushi25

    iSangoKushi25 New Member

    guys!!. can i ask something??

    how can i send a music via bluetooth?? need helpp.. tnx!. :D
  23. Tox!c

    Tox!c Member

    you will need the arabic add-on, try searching the marketplace for "arabic" among the most popular downloads.

    The PC Suite doesn't work on Windows XP, if that is what you're using.

    Maybe they're just not displaying. Go to your contacts, hit the options button, go to display options, then "Choose contacts to display". Hope this helps. If you have deleted them, I think that you can't bring them back.

    Flash is unsupported on this operating system / phone. As for MP4, the standard player will play that nicely.

    Try restoring it to factory settings (save your messages, contacts etc somewhere) and keep it low with the amount of apps you install. This is a very slow phone, low end market and cannot support a lot of apps installed. Try turning off automatic sync, and killing all of the processes now and then (there's a widget for both of these things - power control and app manager widgets).

    If you are trying to sync with an iPhone, that doesn't work because of Apple. On all other devices, works just fine.
  24. traktora

    traktora New Member

    Hello ! I am new here and i have a problem with my LG Optimus ME P350. In the characteristics of the phone it is said that the camera have autofocus but when i take a picture of smt it doesnt even try to autofocus even though there is a square at the center of the screen while im taking the picture.Can anyone help me or is there any programs for the camera which i can use ? Thanks.
  25. Laudano

    Laudano Member

    Try to install vignette from the market, it's a pretty good camera software with lots of features.

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