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  1. goncalosmo

    goncalosmo New Member

    Hi there..

    I bought this phone 3 weeks ago and sometimes it reboots alone, or when I wake up the screen. It freezes for less than a minute, with the screen on and then reboots.

    Before I updated it to Android v2.2.1 it usually rebooted and then asked for the PIN. Now it just reboots the system and then recovers and continues working..

    Have anyone experienced the same problem? What should I do?

    Yesterday it rebooted 5 times..

    Could it be because I charged it by USB cable?

    I would appreciate any help. Thanks

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, goncalosmo.

    We see that random reboot issue reported about several Android devices.

    The only reliable remedy seems to be to do a factory data reset (menu > settings > privacy > factory data reset).

    Before doing that, it wouldn't hurt to first try clearing all caches on all apps, and checking to be sure nothing is conflicting, such as Facebook and gmail trying to sync at the same time; just turn off autosync on either one of them and run the device for a while (other apps could be involved, so set those to manually sync as well).

    Then reboot the device and run it, watching for those reboots of course. ;)
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  3. goncalosmo

    goncalosmo New Member

    Thank you
  4. karaki

    karaki New Member

    I have the same problem. Is this a permanent solution and really helps or is it just a temporary relief?
  5. ecksdee

    ecksdee Member

    This is a known issue that a lot of users recognize and are trying frantically to find a solution. For me, it tends to freeze and reboot on occasion (4-5 times/day) from standby after calls. It's annoying as #*!*@$.

    Some users over at the xda developer forum say it's being caused by the SD card, since many users including myself are getting "SD card unexpectedly removed" before the freeze. The "fix" is to reformat the card on the computer first before using it in the phone. That didn't work for me. I'm getting the reboots just as frequently. Factory reset didn't work for me either.

    This other guy said it has something to do with the proximity sensor during calls. After a call, if the person on the other end hangs up first, the phone will freeze up. Had it happen twice in total so far.

    I'm giving up on this phone if there's no fix soon. It just not usable if it keeps rebooting all the time.
  6. ecksdee

    ecksdee Member

    This thread summarizes the problems that a lot of us are getting: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=10246884#post10246884

    Some guy at another forum said this:
    "I just discovered that this is not a random error. It occurs with some sd cards when you touch the proximity sensor of the phone. The screen becomes black and inactive and then the sd card is removed from the phone. I hope this will help to solve the issue"

    Ohh LG, you better get your act together
  7. Fisted Sister

    Fisted Sister New Member

    Just been flicking through the problems with the P500, are you all running carrier-locked phones or hacked versions?

    I bought my Droid three months ago, sim free in europe, and have had only one glitch; just after i updated the firmware the phone was sluggish and rebooted twice, after that its been fine.

    I have spoken to a couple of people who have problems and the common denominator is that they are using non-android approved software / apps, they have unlocked the phone from carrier and are using a different sim to the one which is provided, seeing this as the link between the problems i have personally found, its fair to say that fecking around with your phone when you dont have a clue what you're doing, can be detrimental to the phone.
  8. ecksdee

    ecksdee Member

    I was running stock firmware with Telus on p500 and it was freezing a lot.

    I flashed firmware to the Prime v2 firmware 2 days ago and so far it's been great. Phone hasn't randomly rebooted yet, and I could feel it lagging less.
  9. Rahxie

    Rahxie Member

    This is happening to me too. I've tried a factory reset and still the same problem.
  10. Fisted Sister

    Fisted Sister New Member

    Had a small problem with a screen freeze, the boffins couldn't fix it so they replaced my carrier free phone with a bloody orange branded software version, now my sms notifiers are not working, no vibrate, nothing works, frankly i should have stayed the hell away from LG, great when they work, nightmare when you ask their tech to fix something as small as screen lock.
  11. lorenzolio

    lorenzolio New Member

    My LG Optimus One used to reboot once per day, and sometimes instead of rebooting it just would turn off.
    Using LG's firmwear upgrade tool, I recently upgraded to firmware V10s (from V10g) which also upgrades Android to 2.2.1. Rebooting problem is now gone!
    Link to the upgrade tool:
    Mobile Phone Support
  12. peaceduke1

    peaceduke1 New Member

    Well, i have the latest firmware update, but my LGP500 still keeps rebooting
  13. peaceduke1

    peaceduke1 New Member

    I removed 2gb sd card that originally came with LGP500 and no reboots since then. I will test it with another card and then see how it goes...

    So...the reason for LGP500 random reboot is 2GB sandisk card after all. I bought kingston 4 gb card to replace it and everything works fine so far.
  14. ruriimasu

    ruriimasu Well-Known Member

    i bit the bullet and updated my firmware about a week ago to v10f. so far there hasnt been any unmounting and rebooting. im keeping it at that version to play safe. it used to unmount, prepare.. reboot multi times per day and it was nerve wrecking esp when i needed to access SD card contents.
  15. peaceduke1

    peaceduke1 New Member

    So...the point is: if you have this LGP500 rebooting problem, first try to update to the latest firmware and if it doesn't help, just change your crappy sandisk 2gb card.
  16. blord

    blord Member

    Hi to all,

    If this could help, I have installed a Lexar 8Gb class 6 card and I never had the rebooting problem...

  17. ruriimasu

    ruriimasu Well-Known Member

    its really got nothing to do with the SD card's speed. i slipped back the crappy free SD after the firmware update and never encountered the same problem again. it was due to crappy firmware.
  18. Wazza66

    Wazza66 Active Member

    On advice I upgraded to a 8Gb class 6 card and don`t have the problem now...My phone was rebooting 5 or so times a day....May not be the solution as people are saying but it solved my problem...
  19. absk

    absk New Member

    I bought the phone a week back and it has started restarting randomly. Has been happening once a day for the past three days.

    Do people who have installed custom ROMs also face this issue?
  20. smitraa

    smitraa New Member

    I was facing the same problem where my phone used to reboot a 'n' number of times a day. It was really irritating.

    I updated my Optimus One with the available firmware (v10e-MAR-28-2011) and the update also upgraded Android from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 and the Kernel version to

    This fixed the problem. I haven't seen my phone reboot unexpectedly one single time after that.
  21. Amokura

    Amokura New Member

    I have been trying to update same as you but when I use LG software is says my phone is up to date.

    How did you update?
  22. Raghav636

    Raghav636 New Member

    Hello... I hav d same prob wid my LG P500..It reboots several times a day..i hav updated my software frm V10b to V10e-Mar-2011..I dint notice any change except d software version nd android version frm 2.2 to 2.2.2...no data has been erased..not even a single setting...wat i would like to know is has my phone been updated r not...i still have d prob of rebooting as usual...can someone help me out...Thanx in advance..
  23. pauljackson42

    pauljackson42 New Member

    I bought a class 4 sd card. Problem did not go away. p500 still froze & rebooted several times a day :(
    I then bought a Lexon class 6 sd card on ebay ($30).
    No reboots for 4 days now :)
  24. spacjuggernaut

    spacjuggernaut New Member

    I tried almost everything have an 8G class 8 ( yes I checked), it continues to reboot especially when I on the phone for about 60 secs, the only way to remain on the line without freezing or resetting is to dismount the SD card when I use the phone,
    currently I have left the SD card unmounted for a few days and had no issues, but as soon as I mount and place a call, within 60 sec it freezes

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