Lg-p500 Optimus One (2011) - not possible to root

  1. Tom Ford

    Tom Ford New Member

    OK so here goes:

    I have just bought an LG-P500 (May 2011) - my first android phone. I am not an expert or anything but I get my way with computers pretty smartly.

    Straight away, I found the fact that all these google bloater apps have access to all my private data and switch themselves on in the backround as they please super annoying. Things like Facebook and Twitter and also certain settings don't stick and I don't even have the right to delete them from the phone like I do with software on my computer.

    I'm sure you all know about that.

    So I've searched high and low all the stuff about rooting the phone and tried the Z4root (various versions) and SuperOneClick (various versions) and whatever advice I could find out there (rebooting between rooting, debugging on/off etc etc.) I even looked at the Gingerbread app root tread on xda but it says "get the file onto your phone NOT the sd card" - how do I get it on my phone if it hasn't been rooted please???

    The phone refuses to budge and it's not bricked either.

    The LG-P500 I've got is Android version 2.2.1, Kernel version, Software version V10b-Dec-07-2010.

    I wonder if there is a smart cookie out there who knows how to do it right, because I don't like to give up just like that. My main aim is to be able to delete the system apps I don't want.

    Please don't waste my time replying to this tread by telling me about your own problems - I don't want to chat I need a working solution.

    I am even happy to donate a little Paypal cash to anyone that will help me to root this phone.



  2. Feeshie

    Feeshie Well-Known Member

    By having the app on your phone I think he means that don't move the application(assuming GingerBreak is an app) to the SD card. Froyo has an option to move applications to your SD card. Download the application->Find GingerBreak->You will see a box that says if you want to move the file to SD or Phone. If the file is on your Phone the box should say [Move To SD Card]
  3. soberspine

    soberspine Active Member

    install gingerbreak as any application and run it. remember to check usb debugging mode before.

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