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Lg p500 problemsSupport

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  1. Nikola_Topalov

    Nikola_Topalov New Member

    I have problem with Lg P500. I have put a pattern lock to my phone. i move my finger on the screen on circles and then no green circles, if i wrong the pattern lock i saw the red circles, if i hit the pattern lock the phone is unlocked but no green circles. Thanks (sorry for my bad english) Please help!!!

  2. sampath.krb

    sampath.krb New Member


    I got the same problem. This evening I was trying to update on my LG Optimus one P500 using the "LG Support Mobile Tool". In the process after the update was downloaded it started installing the update on my mobile and the screen went to "Emergency Mode" and after few mins it gave a message saying "there is a connection error, and asked to disconnect the phone, remove the battery, re-insert the battery, power on and connect the phone to continue the installation. But when powering on the mobile starts with a LG Sign on the screen and just stays there for ever. I wont respond to any button and I've to remove the battery to turn it off.

    Could somebody please please help me with this.

    Please e-mail me @sam_smiles4u@yahoo.com if anybody has a solution for this.

    Thank You,
    Sampath. (sam_smiles4u@yahoo.com)
  3. San_boy_blr

    San_boy_blr New Member

    Hi Guys, I had the same problem before ... later realised, there are two modes connecting to the PC, 1 - USB mode: to browse contents on your LG phone for which any software is not required. 2 - PC sync mode: The PC needs to have the software installed and this mode can be used to get the update / backup phone book etc.

    So once you have installed the PC sync software in your PC (can be downloaded from the LG website) ... go to Setting>>SD card and phone storage>> uncheck USB mode only ... this should work ... and the most important after you upgrade and make any changes using PC syn please click on SYNC NOW or else the changes will be virtual (On your PC screen only) not onto the phone !!! ... If you unplug your phone wihtout clicking on SYN NOW .. the changes wont happen at all !!!
  4. specticackle

    specticackle New Member

    Looks like I'm on my own with this one.

    Phone will be in the post back to LG tomorrow for them to sort
  5. ikunalb

    ikunalb Member

    Same problem with me. Did you found any solution?
    please help
  6. Alkesh

    Alkesh New Member

    Hello Every one..
    Well my p500 was connecting to pc afer 2-3 trials...but not the thing is that u synced my contacts with PC SUIT and updated my phone...I lost all my contacts from my phone an i thought that i will sync it again with PC suit n contachts will come back.
    And this is where shit happned. Now the PC SUIT 4 is not detecting my device.
    It always says "No Response from the Device"
    What shud i Do?? All my contacts are with PC SUIT..:(
  7. Raghav636

    Raghav636 New Member

    Hi can i get the pre loaded Dictionary app which comes with the Froyo version ..?? I upgraded my P500 to Ginger Bread and the dictionary is not pre loaded. I couldn't find the same dictionary in market..
  8. joyeelu

    joyeelu New Member

    i had the same bad same experience with you .but i really no idea how to deal with it .by reading this thread ,i got some idea how to handle it .tks .
  9. mathi

    mathi Active Member

    Please download colordict. dictionary from market. This is much better than pre installed dictionary. First download colordict and download the data base by opening the app. and select wordnet and thesearus and translation if you want. Except the colordict, all the database will be directly installed into the sd card. Try this.

    Thumbs up if it helped
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  10. noblechris

    noblechris New Member

    hello guys. I have a bit of a problem with my LG optimus p500. it was given to me by a relative, the problem is the main g mail that it recognizes is the e-mail of the person who gave it to me and i can not seem to find ways of removing it and she also do not know how. can someone help me pls.
  11. viral1991

    viral1991 Active Member

    Go to Gmail app --> Menu button --> Accounts --> Menu Button --> Accounts Settings --> Touch Account to delete --> Remove Account. :)
  12. Killerlooks

    Killerlooks New Member

    Dude go to the customer care centre of youyr service provider and ask for a new sim. It will work fine accepting the network
  13. ikunalb

    ikunalb Member

    Did you found any solution?
    If yes pls tell me.

  14. shreya

    shreya New Member

    I don't believe still no one has come up with any solution.. Is it a permanent bug?? Please help. I needed to upgrade optimus one to gingerbread through pc suite.. or is there any other way?
    my fone keeps flashing upgradation screen wenever it is connected to internet as the 2.3 is officially out, bt i am unable to upgrade. :(
  15. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    Go to LG website and in support section download LG update program... and install it... and you can upgrade to 2. 3
  16. Stubbz88

    Stubbz88 New Member

    I have the LG P500 and I broke the LCD screen on it, I am selling it and wondering how to format the device via computer.


  17. needhelp03

    needhelp03 New Member

    I need help, I somehow lost all my contacts from my LG-p500h. Not sure what I did, but even when I try to import contacts back in, nothing shows in my actual contact list. I have most in my favourites, but am not able to get them to show in my contacts list. Please help if anyone has any ideas how to get them back.
  18. hardboiled

    hardboiled New Member

    hi was wondering if anyone can help me my daughter has an lgp500 .
    but the problem is she went to update it with the support tool and then halfway through unplugged it without making sure everything was shut down now it wont do anything at all i have to take the battery out first then switch it on but just the provider logo comes on and thats it it wont even switch off any suggestions?
  19. christjan

    christjan New Member

    Last night I installed Android 4.04 on my Optimus one P500h, and I had the same issue. let it charge for a few hours, then unplug it and hold the power button for 20 seconds before releasing. with any luck, your phone should turn on like it normally would :):):):)
  20. I updated my LG P500 to 2.3.3. But now I am not able to connect it with LG PC suite it always say no response from the device. I have re installed drivers, LG pc suite also tried with USB debugging, but all in vain.
    It is working fine with USB mode.
    I read all the forums regarding this but nothing helped me.
    It was working fine prior to software update. If anyone has any idea about that please help.
    I have tried to connect my phone as much as possible except factory reset as someone told in some thread that it wont help and I am afraid of losing all the contact and other data( no backup is there as I reinstalled the pc suite).
  21. If you are able to connect it to the PC suite then u can delete all the contacts, msg and data on sd card. Otherwise there is no way.
  22. The only option is to do that is factory reset.
  23. Go to the SD card files there should be the dictionary file you can install that.
    Actually I don't know about the dictionary but I installed the task killer in the same way after upgrading my phone.
  24. I am having the same problem if you find any solution please share with me.

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