lg-p500 user manual

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  1. Angel77

    Angel77 New Member

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows if I can download the user manual for the lg-p500 without having to download the LG mobile support tool off the LG website first. Thanks.:(

  2. JulyDerek

    JulyDerek Well-Known Member

    Its exactly the same as the printed manual which came with your phone.
  3. ginn7

    ginn7 Member

    The manual that came with my Optimus One is a quick manual.

    Go to the Telus Mobility website and look up the LG 1, on the product page there will be a link for manuals and support.

    or just go here...

    LG Optimus? One with Google
  4. Andsetinn

    Andsetinn New Member

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