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  1. Secretliam

    Secretliam New Member


    my Lg ob wont boot anymore.. When i turn on the phone, the screen freezes on the LG logo and all 4 lights (options,home,return and search) are flickering. This happend a few days ago when i forgot to charge it. When i trie to charge it now (in wall or pc) the effect is always the same LG logo with flickering lights. Butt i dont get the usual battery on screen which turns red, orange, green.

    I searched the internet and alreadry tried:

    Hard reset: Volume key, home button and power button.
    Battery and sd card out 10 second, placed it back and let the phone charge for 30 minutes, even tried a couple of hours and one night butt didnt worked at all.

    This video LG OB P970 error - YouTube is a great example of the problem, only mine freezes at the logo LG. I contacted the person of the video, butt he still has the same problems.

    Any ideas how to solve the problem?
    Much thanx!

  2. mi6uel

    mi6uel New Member


    I have the same problem. Without any motive, was with black screen, than I take over the battery and never more boot, only blink the keys.

    Than I sent the phone to LG to fix and they just installed factory software and past two days, returned to the same.

    This time I see that problem hapens when I press the key to suspend the screen, anf after that, the phone freezes and I take over the battery and don't solve the problem and I must wait about 5 hours to work again. But than repeats the same problem.

    I send yesterday the phone again to LG, but I do not have great hope that they solve the problem :( because mainly time to time looks that work fine...

    I never let the battery emply.

    Let me know news about your phone.

    Sorry for my bad english.

  3. jr.wramirez

    jr.wramirez New Member

    hi, did you solve this problem already?, i have the same problem with my p970. yesterday it was working fine until the battery drain. i havent charged it until this morning. the when i charged it, im stuck at LG logo and the button are blinking, same in the video you posted... is this a phone bug or is my battery damaged?.
  4. ProfaneCayne

    ProfaneCayne New Member


    Had the same problem, sent it to service they swapped out the whole main circuit board or what evs now works fine.. so far. Before that, the phone did kinda the same but also gave the "startup" sound but went no further, did the "restoration" procedure through the LG Mobil Support program but no luck. Sent it to service, got it back with new screen?!. So long story short i've had the phone 4 months, been to service twice and have new mainboard and new screen, so i now have basically a new phone alltogether minus the covers :) ..starting to lose faith in LG, used to be quite pleased with the quality and reliability of their products. Not so much anymore. Also their quarantee depicts that you need to "service" it atleast three times before you can demand a refund or a new product. But hey i allready kinda have a new phone! ha ha ha :mad:
  5. dezza12

    dezza12 New Member

    im having the same problem with my phone as secretliam. is there any way of fixing it without having to send it away to LG for 3 weeks and possibly get it returned in the same condition?
  6. Callistus

    Callistus Active Member

  7. DaveSanDiego

    DaveSanDiego New Member

    I have the same problem, LG Optimus P509 boot freezes on LG logo and 4 buttons at the bottom blink endlessly, and all keys are unresponsive. Has nothing to do with the battery, I replaced the battery with the battery from my wife's identical perfectly working LG-P509 phone, and identical problem persists. Must remove battery to shut off phone, all keys are unresponsive. Problem persists during ANY of the following procedures: From OFF state, 1. plugging into charger, or 2. Turning on with out micro memory card, or 3. Turning on without SIM, or 4. Initiating a factory reset turn on from the keypad. No matter what is tried in any combination, the problem persists. :( Does ANYONE know the solution to this?
  8. aroro

    aroro New Member

    i have the same problem too, though i already made it back online, but some sort of 'freezing' or 'lag' is always happening,i checked lg website for the available update i found 1, but unfortunately in turns out to be a total disaster for me for 6 long hours, doing some online reading searching solutions i got one, thi s smartflashing tool etc etc..because i don't want to bring this right away to lg s.center :(..
  9. axelrose018

    axelrose018 New Member

    you can now send your phone to service center the problem is already solve. mine is fixed without anything erased in my memory -sorry my english is bad ^_^
  10. vic236

    vic236 Member

    I purchased 3 LG-P970 online for $200 each.

    One of them is so far doing okay, the other 2 have had issues.

    1 of them with issues has now had the flashing issue cannot get it fixed in Australia bcs of limited warranty.

    In a nut shell LG is shit I would not reco this phone, IPhone 3 and 4 is a far better pcs of hardware.

    If anyone finds out the flash issue pls post
  11. anwarjhashmi

    anwarjhashmi New Member

    Hi all,

    I am facing the same problem. At night i saw that charge in my LG Optimus black was 1 %. I did not charge it then. in the morning when i put the optimus black on charging then the phone would not start and only show the 4 blinking buttons and the LG logo and booting LG graphic and the same graphics keeps repeating on loop. :mad::mad::mad:

    I tried removing the battery , tried discharging the battery again and then charging it up fully before trying to switch it on. this also did not work.
    Even after full day charging when reconnected to the charger the battery charging symbol on the screen. :confused::confused:

    Please let me know if any one has a solution of coming out of this loop?
    I do not want to go to the LG service centre here in mumbai as the only thing they will do is flash the device.

    let me know if any one could find a solution to this.
  12. Nicholaschw

    Nicholaschw Active Member Developer

    Use smartflashtool to unbrick your device
  13. AngelArs

    AngelArs Well-Known Member

    This happens because the battery needs to be recharged. Either charger is bad or contacts are bad/dirty. Usually charging from computer resets this. Battery can also be bad but usually that's not the issue.
  14. Nicholaschw

    Nicholaschw Active Member Developer

  15. thegenerlwon

    thegenerlwon New Member

    Hey all. I have the same phone, the same problem. I have done a fair amount of research and found a solution that worked for me that I would like to share.

    So, this phone, it turns out, is notorious for this. It has a social disorder. Yup. Let me explain- Typically it occurs when the battery gets real low or dies. Then you have no response on any buttons, power included. When plugged in, you may get the 3 blinking/flashing buttons on the bottom, and nothing else.

    After that, a variety of solutions out there like taking out the battery, plugging in to PC, resetting, soft or hard boot and a variety of other methods to revive the phone often fail, according to many out there. I myself tried them all. Until I figured this out...
    The guy a few posts above me has it right, but I wanted to elaborate, as his post did not help me fix the problem. It is, in many cases, the dead battery that is the problem. The solution however, is not that simple. I plugged the phone in overnight, with different cables, in computer, in wall etc. etc. etc. Nothing worked.

    BUT, after trying lots of times, it then suddenly switched on. The reason? When the battery dies, it seems like phones plug for the charger gets embarrassed, and hides in a cupboard....

    No, seriously, I am obviously not a tech, so I can only explain at a kindergarten level. To me, it was not making good contact, even though it was plugged in like always. Also, the phone took about 1-2 hours with the cable plugged in properly, before it started charging.

    So, if all else fails, before you go hard-core, try manipulating the cable where it plugs into the phone very gently, and leave it for a few hours. Try different angles, and keep trying for a few days, plugged into wall or computer. That's what worked for me. Once the phone starts taking the charge again, it
  16. Wraith

    Wraith New Member

    To All,

    So my LG Intuition just had the same thing happen. Why it initially happened I could only theorize was the heat of the day. But whatever it was made it so that the battery was not responding to a charge. I have had this happen in other phones previously. Once this happened it was only a matter of time until the battery died. But instead of the phone cutting it self off at a certain point it continued to dissipate the battery. When it reached zero percent that is when all hades breaks loose. The LG Intuition as well as it sounds other LG phones have a protocol that keeps it from powering on until it has enough juice to properly manage the phone, this seems to be the same program that determines whether it should be getting a speed charge or a trickle charge. At this point in the game the phone is locked. The sudden reach of zero has locked the phone out from charging. In the case of the Intuition I actually opened the back, disconnected the battery, discharged any residual in the system by holding the power button and then plugged it back in, this seems to have reset the system to acknowledge the charge.

    Maybe I'm off base but I think this is basically what is happening.
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  17. Scendera

    Scendera New Member

    I managed to trigger this on a Marquee. Partner used it and left Wifi on, which killed the battery. I somehow managed to finally get it unstuck by plugging it in to charge and about four hours later, holding the power button down for a few seconds when I tried to boot it while still plugged in. Left it sit the rest of the night and now in the morning all is well again.

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