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LG P990 contacts won't sync to Gmail [Solved]Support

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  1. Ron Com

    Ron Com New Member

    Hi all,

    I am an Android newbie and would appreciate any help with setting up the contacts on the phone to sync with my Gmail account please.

    I have an LG 2X P990 running on Android 2.3.4. This is a new phone with LG's version of Gingerbread, and without any software modification by the phone service providers.

    I have successfully signed onto my Gmail account from the phone. My email, calendar and contacts download onto the phone without a hitch. My calendar entries from the phone also upload effortlessly onto my Gmail calendar. But contacts added on the phone are not reflected on my Gmail account. How can I correct this problem? Any suggestion or help will be much appreciated.

    I have tried the following suggestions found on the Web without much success.
    1) I exported all my contacts the LG PC suite to the SD card. Then I import these contacts back to the phone as "Gmail contacts". These contacts appeared on the phone as Gmail contacts. But the entries were not reflected in the Gmail account on the web.
    2) I deleted all contact entries on my SIM card and on the LG PC suite. Then I entered a new contact on the phone making sure that the "contact type" is my Gmail account. The new entry appears on my phone as a Gmail contact. But I cannot find such entry on my Gmail contacts on the web.
    3) However, if I make changes to an existing Gmail contact downloaded from the web, these changes are immediately uploaded to my Gmail account.

    Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

    Ron Com

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello and welcome to the forums, Ron Com. :)

    First of all, here in the Optimus 2X device area you'll hear from other users of that device who can address your stated issues (I've moved your question/thread here for you).

    I can tell you that the "phone" and "google" contact labels you select when setting up contacts make a big difference as to syncing. "Google" is the choice to make, as those will be in your Gmail account online and will sync to your device, and new devices when you change phones and set up that same Gmail account. :)

    The "phone" option is there partially to just have the contacts remain on the device and not sync with Gmail, perhaps the user wanting to use another service.

    Others will chime in for you. Good luck and have fun. Congratulations on getting your new Android phone. :)
  3. Ron Com

    Ron Com New Member

    Hi Frisco, I have resolved the above problem as follows: When one inputs a new Gmail contact from the phone, LG 990 uploads the new entry to a separate group named "Other Contacts" in the Gmail account. This new entry is not integrated into the overall Gmail Contacts, until one manually move it to the "My Contacts" group. I hope someone will find the above information useful in future. Thank you for your help. With kind regards! Ron
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  4. Zils Xafwubre

    Zils Xafwubre New Member

    Thanks Ron Comm, this post saved me lots of angst, much appreciated.


  5. tvgodoy

    tvgodoy New Member

    U don't have to do it manually... you just need to scroll down a bit on the new contact registration page and add a group... in your phone once you add the group, it already syncs with your gmail account...
    it will show on screen "system group: my contacts"... and it's there... no need to to the web and add manually...

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