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LG P990 Optimus 2x screen timeout problemSupport

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  1. holdenclfld

    holdenclfld Member

    hi, does anyone have the following problem with LG Optimus 2x (android 2.2) or know how to solve it?
    After I did the factory data reset I cannot control the phone brightness and screen timeout. When I go to settings-display: the brightness and screen timeout options are not active. I can control the brightness only through the power control widget. The screen times out now after 2 minutes and there is no way to set up the timeout to longer or shorter time (e. g. 3 min. or 30 s.).

  2. doctoru

    doctoru New Member

    I also had this problem.
    But the problem seems to occur only when no sim is inserted in the phone.
    After i insert the sim card everything go back to normal (the brightness and time-out options are again available).
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  3. holdenclfld

    holdenclfld Member

    hey you are right. The problem with screen timeout and brightness settings disappeared after I restarted the phone with the SIM card inserted:). Thanks for the tips. It is strange that without the SIM these settings don't work.
  4. holdenclfld

    holdenclfld Member

    Hey, after I inserted the SIM I could control screen timeout and phone brightness again. I have removed SIM card and these display settings are still accessible, even without SIM:).
  5. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    Well that is just bizarre!
  6. doctoru

    doctoru New Member

    The problem appears only at the first start of the phone or after a hadware reset if no sim is present.
    Once you have inserted the sim card the brightness and timeout menu will remain active even if you remuve the sim
    They are also other bugs regarding the screen; for exemple ;
    I set the backlight on minimum and after that I set again to automatic and in the camera mode I notice that the backlight remains on minimum.
    First time when I notice this I belived that is a HW problem on the phone but aftet a closer look I notice that in the camera mode the auto backlight is not worcking.
    Even the backlight is set to auto in camera mode , the backlight will be afected by where you let the cursor on manual seting.
    Anyway this are minor bugs.
    The Hardware of the phone is excelent but LG rushed with launching this product and the software is with many bugs.
    Hopefully LG will solve some of the bugs in future SW up-grades.
  7. holdenclfld

    holdenclfld Member

    Yeah, these are minor bugs indeed. I hope 2.3 for P990 will be available soon.
  8. New2G2

    New2G2 Active Member

    I have had a similar problem. It appears that power manager is overriding the settings I put and it's either use power manager or have a battery that drains fast.

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