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  1. 5yorks

    5yorks New Member

    I am now on my second Revolution. I use it for business as I am on the road all the time as a sales rep. The phone shuts down, it takes days to get my voicemail, sometimes my email gives an error Preload failed, the battery doesn't last, people can't hear me and on I could go. I originally wanted an iPhone and the Verizon rep convinced me to get the Revolution. I have been back and forth with sales, tech support and my local store. We have done resets and the same thing happens. Their latest offer is to exchange it for a Samsung Charge or a Thunderbolt. Reading the reviews I am not sure that i would be any better off. I am very close to paying off the early term fee of $290 now, and going to ATT for an iPhone. The iPhone seems to work for people in the same job as I have. The rep also mentioned an upgrade coming soon for the Revolution that might solve my problems. The rep is calling me this week to see what i would like to do. Anyone have any ideas?

  2. sgschwend

    sgschwend Well-Known Member

    Have you determined what the cause of these problems are?
    I live in an outlying area, so my coverage varies which can have an effect on how well the phone works. But still I don't have your problems. I use my phone for all my digital data: both on the phone and as a digital host, so it is running all the time.

    I could make a couple of guesses based on my experience of a phone user and also a few years developing test solutions for phones.
    For problems like powering down:
    The first would be that you second phone is also defective; the manufacture has very little time to test the phone, they test the transmitter and receivers and then any other test is some sort of quick and dirty self test. From the complaints I have read I would not be surprised that there are lots of defects that just keep getting passed through to the next customer (just my guess here, but this would be a consistent issue with all phones, the users become the real tester).

    For problems like:
    No or late email, email load errors, those sound like network connection lost errors. The late email can be checked by you: there is a setting for how often the phone looks for email and also you can launch the email app and have it check that way. I have observed that sometimes my local digital network is unavailable to me even when I have good signal. Why this happens I do not know, but I can be working away on my laptop and all of a sudden the data rate goes to zero, and I check the phone and the network power looks good on the phone's power meter, but there is no digital data connection. In a short time, say ten minutes the connection is going again. This is not a network problem, it is a problem with the combination of my phone, the network, weather conditions, and even time of day.

    I too have used my phone while driving a car. But I can hear folks just fine, it is true I put the phone in speaker mode, that seems to make the difference.

    As to battery lasting:
    Gingerbread has helped here. I have used an application to improve the battery life before GB, it helped a lot. But my recommendation is that if you are using the REV as a phone then the battery is fine, anything else (navigation, browser, Bluetooth or any other use other than phone) and it needs to be on a charger. Sure you can look up a couple of things on the Internet without a charger but prolonged use and the battery will go down quickly.

    Hope this helps, it is a hassle changing networks. I would recommend that you test out these phone issues before you make the switch.
  3. 1of7627

    1of7627 Well-Known Member

    AT&T has the worst (documented) service reputation of any carrier.

    I use my Revo for work and pleasure and have no significant complaints, especially since the Gingerbread update. If you must change phones, the Samsung Charge has a better rep than the other phones that appeared at the time the Revolution did (ie: Thunderbolt). But, there are a new batch that have just appeared or are pending that are likely to be very well received. Motorola has the Droid Bionic out now and the Droid 4 (with a slider keyboard) pending. Samsung just released the Galaxy Nexus and it's getting very strong reviews. HTC has just released the Resound. The Revolution's successor is going to be the LG Spectrum with has specs very close to the others (dual core processor, hd display, etc.). The Samsung has the new IceCreamSandwich OS and the others will likely get it after the new year. The Samsung is also selling like hot cakes and has created quite a stir at the stores. I have a co-worker that bought one and is thrilled. There are owner reviews of it on Verizonwireless' site that are glowing. In my opinion, it's worth researching these new phones before deciding to change to an iPhone. I'm going to wait and see what the LG Spectrum holds. I've owned dozens of phones in the last two decades, including several by LG and I've personnally never been disappointed or had a show stopping issue. - MarkC
  4. 5yorks

    5yorks New Member

    I asked about getting one of the newer phones and the rep just laughed at me, like this was impossible. I had to get another Revolution, Samsung Charge or the Thunderbolt. He is calling me back today. Right now I am leaning towards a new Revolution and give it a 3rd try. The reviews on the other two don't seem any better than the Revolution. I cna't believe I am on my second one with problems. I do work on the road and a lot of my travel is in rural areas so maybe that has a lot to do with the problems. With the earlier phones I never has these issues.
    Thanks for the help!
  5. rockandrollac

    rockandrollac Well-Known Member

    You be up the Creek without a paddle if you got AT&T where i live. AT&T, no service and sucks
  6. bjeffreys

    bjeffreys New Member

    Because of new job location, I switched to Verizon, for the better service in more locations. At first I got a LG Vortex, but wanted a larger screen, so switched to the Revolution. I am trying to get my work email setup, through Micro. Exchange. I cannot get it to work. The other smart phones, including the Vortex, were so easy. I cannot figure out what the problem is. It looks like it is going to connect, but after a couple of seconds, comes back with a "cannot connect with server" message.

    any one have any ideas, or have you seen this same problem?

  7. sandystorm

    sandystorm Well-Known Member

    Yeah take the Revo back and get something else
  8. sgschwend

    sgschwend Well-Known Member

    I assume you mean Microsoft Exchange? And you want to sync using active sync? Sounds like they have two types, online and server. Which one do you need help with, or is it something else?

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