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  1. blaxican25

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    LG Revolution Going to MetroPCS, Optimus Black to US Cellular?

    Two high-end LG handsets have been tipped for smaller US carriers: the LG Revolution for MetroPCS and LG Optimus Black for US Cellular. Both the MS910 and US855 have entries in the Tera-WURFL database, a comprehensive listing of handsets culled from developer-contributed specifications regarding wireless and messaging capabilities. With MS910 going by the codename Bryce -- the same codename as the VS910 Revolution -- and "MS" designated by LG as the prefix for Android handsets on MetroPCS, its identity and destination seem fairly certain. The fact that Metro is looking for smartphones to populate its nascent LTE network makes a rebadged Revolution even more likely.

    US855, meanwhile, has "Optimus Black" listed directly in its WURFL data, although it should be noted that information here is user-contributed and not pulled directly from devices in the wild. Still, its user agent suggests that this is a legitimate entry -- a user agent that contains the snippet USCC, which is code for US Cellular. And just as "MS" signifies a MetroPCS device from LG, "US" is reserved for LG's offerings on US Cellular. This latter carrier has promised to release seven Android handsets throughout the rest of the year, and it seems pretty likely that Optimus Black will be one of them.

  2. clenceo

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    Do you know if the Revolution can be flashed over to Metro?
  3. MetroPOS

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    Why would you even flash the phone to Metro when they have the exact same phone on their service...the Esteem...which comes with Android 2.3?
  4. orion575

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    Do you know if LG Spectrum can be used on Metro PCS ?

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