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General LG Revolution Video Camera to LG Esteem!!!

  1. guitarrarl

    guitarrarl Member

    me in 1 Post

    Revolution friends help LG Esteem ones!!

    Hi All:

    All Lg Esteem users are not able to record video at more than 15f/sI installeda mod and can now do 30 frames hd but most can not still. My reques is for someone to post your Revoluti pop ns cameraapk from your systems/app folder so that we try this on our Esteems. I am sure it will beappreciated Than you!!!!!!!!RL

    LG Revolution

    The LG Revolution is one of the first 4G Androi

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  2. khaosxiii

    khaosxiii Active Member

    Just download the latest ROM and unzip it ...

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