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  1. Savy18

    Savy18 New Member


    I just got the LG Shine plus...at first everything was working great..then it turned off when the battery died, and I could not turn it back on, even after charging overnight.
    Took it back to the store and it started up again no problem.
    Since then everything seems to be working fine, but facebook news feed.
    It always says "An error has occurred while fetching data. (null).
    Everything else on the fb app works fine. How do I fix this..and how do I get the status to show at the top of the screen on my homepage?
    Also when I type anything into google..it is soo slow, even though I am on my home internet network.

    Any tips would be appreciated!

  2. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    Hey, I had a problem with my fb searching for data and not updating not sure if it's the same problem. Anyways all i did was go to the market and there was an update for the fb app. Updated and everything worked perfect again. Hope this helps
  3. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    Same here... the FB app that comes with the phone is ancient. I had to override the Market install and say it was a new installed app. It didn't see it as an upgrade.
  4. Sassy1971

    Sassy1971 New Member

    hello.. my LG Shine Plus is now not updating facebook at all.. it just keeps saying "loading" and we've uninstalled the app and reinstalled it 2ce.. i took it in and it's a month past the year warranty.. any ideas on how to fix this so I can get FB on my phone again?
  5. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Have you tried going in settings, applications, look for facebook and then clear data?

    Also, I've noticed while messing around with custom ROMs that deleting facebook alltogether from the system folder and then reinstalling it as a data app is alot more stable.

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