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  1. Android Bob

    Android Bob Well-Known Member

    I would like to make an appeal to my fellow Telus LG Shine Plus owners to please Email LG and Telus support requesting that we want to know when we will be receiving the Android 2.2 upgrade.

    It is my personal feeling that LG is not in any hurry to provide us with the upgrade because they are just not being bombarded enough with requests for the update.

    As you all must know LG has upgraded the Verizon Ally while Canadian LG Shine Plus owners are being treated as second class citizens by LG when it comes to receiving timely updates for our phones. If enough of us make them aware that it is not acceptable how we are being treated then I am sure that they will realize that they also have an obligation to support their customer base in Canada.








  2. elleestbelle

    elleestbelle Active Member

    That is a good idea, i think.
    What is the website address or contact?
  3. elleestbelle

    elleestbelle Active Member

    That is a good idea, i think.
    What is the website address or contact?
  4. elleestbelle

    elleestbelle Active Member

    Whose responsibility is it to develope FROYO? LG or TELUS?
    Who do we need to talk to? and what do we need to say?
    Just 'please get the froyo for shine plus ASAP!' will be enough?
  5. Gauthier002

    Gauthier002 Member

    Done , i send a e-mail for both LG and Telus
  6. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    As far as I understand the upgrade path, it's a joint venture between the carrier and the manufacturer. The manufacturer creates the ROM and modifies it according to what the carrier supplies as specs (kernel), the carrier supplies its software to bundle in and usually makes sure it's compatible with the new ROM. Then LG puts it up for download in their LG update software.

    Considering LG and Telus have a horrible upgrade track record, I'm getting we'll see Froyo by 2012. :|
  7. dri001

    dri001 Well-Known Member

    I have now had an Android phone for a year. The first one was a Samsung Galaxy (Bell). It has 1.5 as it's OS. There was all kinds of chatter about an update for it since I first got it, but an e-mail from Samsung shattered any hope of an update. Thankfully there is a group of software developers on this Forum who made a ROM (2.2). Not perfect but it is better than 1.5 and it makes a liar out of Samsung who said this phone could not support any upgrades.
    Now I have a LG Shine Plus phone with Android 2.1. It is definitely better than 1.5 and on par with the 2.2 ROM cooked up by Drakaz and his team. Telus had made several comments about an update, which at one time could be Googled. I have noticed they have disappeared and Telus has become ominously quiet about any future updates. I will add my two cents worth as well, hoping to prod them into releasing 2.2 for the Shine Plus. It is a really neat phone I would love to see it receive an update. I am not holding my breath.
    I guess my point is that Google is racing ahead with new versions of Android at a breakneck speed. No sooner than it is released then another version looms in the distance. In one year I have seen it go from 1.5 ,1.6, 2.1, 2.2, impending release of 2.3 and smatterings about 3.0 and dual core processors. I think it is time to stop and take a break and let everybody enjoy the current versions. This continued race only causes an Android "feeding frenzy" which shows no sign of abating and a lot of bad will and feelings among users, mobile providers and manufacturers. I think it is time to give it a rest, sit back and enjoy what we have. It is not that bad or outdated.
  8. elleestbelle

    elleestbelle Active Member

    I don't want to put out hopes, but would they care if we send requests?
  9. Android Bob

    Android Bob Well-Known Member

  10. Gauthier002

    Gauthier002 Member

    Hi to all !

    This is a reponse that i received today (morning) :

    Hello Mr. Gauthier

    Thank you for using our website for us submitting your application.

    In response to your email, you are part of a large majority of Canadians that Android users are waiting for this up-to-day. We have no release date. Patience is required. Currently, no Canadian cellular service provider has any up-to-day approved.

    I regret any inconvenience this has caused you.
  11. Android Bob

    Android Bob Well-Known Member

    Was this response from LG or Telus
  12. Android Bob

    Android Bob Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm concerned I purchased a Smart Phone a piece of hardware that I feel is only as good as the current operating system that can be supported on that said piece of hardware. The LG Shine Plus can definitely support Android 2.2 and just as Verizon LG Ally customers received their update in a timely manner I feel that Canadian Telus LG Shine plus customers are entitled to the same equal and fair treatment.
  13. hammer2much

    hammer2much New Member

    Hey everyone,
    Since the start of the new year I've been keeping up with your boards and checking daily about the status of 2.2 for the shine plus. I recently sent telus a message wondering about 2.2. Unfortunately, I erased it, but it did say that there WILL be an update to 2.2 sometime in the second quarter of 2011. Hopefully, the person knows what they are talking about, cause it seems like everybody is getting a different response.
  14. Android Bob

    Android Bob Well-Known Member

    Much better than the reply I received from LG on Feb. 18, 2011 stating "Unfortunately at this time we have no information available on any possible updates to the C710H. Should an update become available you will be notified." I also hope the person at Telus knows what they are talking about and much thanks for your post.
  15. Gauthier002

    Gauthier002 Member

    Hi !

    This is news for Lg about Android 2.2

    [FONT=&quot]Hello Sebastien Gauthier, thank you for contacting LG Customer service.

    Unfortunately I am not able to confirm this information (About Android 2.2. in July). The only information available is that an update should be available in July of this year. (I supossed it will be Android 2.3)

    the (...) this is my commentary

    Dave H.
    LG Customer Service
    LG Canada[/FONT]
  16. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    I got pretty much the same answer from LG. Then again, I don't expect much from them. :p It's my girlfriend's cell phone anyhow, nice little phone, but not for me...

    We'll see in 4 months!
  17. Android Bob

    Android Bob Well-Known Member

    If an update will not be coming until July then it would seem that they have decided to skip Android 2.2 and release Android 2.3 which most likely would be available to the Canadian market just around the July time frame. Thanks for the information Sebastien.
  18. blitzburgh11

    blitzburgh11 Member

    I just got an email back from LG Canada. They said that they are releasing the OS update for the LG Shine Plus with Google, late summer of 2011.

    They made no mention if it was the 2.2, 2.3, 3.0. However, FLASH IS AROUND THE CORNER! Rejoice my fellow Shine Plus-ers!
  19. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    It's scheduled for 2.3 (Gingerbread), lol I'll believe it when it happens.
  20. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    Correct me if I'm wrong but i didn't think flash would work on our hardware even with the newer os. I know that's the case for the lg ally.

    Also i think its more likely that were just going to get a very very late 2.2 upgrade. There is so much conflicting info all over we could even get nothing at all.
  21. cbstryker

    cbstryker Active Member

  22. cheesy bo

    cheesy bo Member

    is the phone hardware strong enough for 2.3?
  23. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    I believe so. There isn't a minimum requirement that i know of.
  24. willnotik

    willnotik New Member

    I contacted LG and the rep said that android 2.2 is released for the phone. I've been getting lots of complaints about the text messaging app crashing and force closing all the time. I sure hope the update works. I will install the update tonite and repost letting you guys know it works. :)
  25. thonyzz

    thonyzz Member

    where can you download it ?

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