LG Shine Plus soft/rubber case?Tips

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  1. Sammii

    Sammii New Member

    I've been trying to find out if a soft case exists for my new LG Shine Plus, but so far have had no luck. I'm desperate for one because it seems like the hard cases made for this phone SUCK!

    I have had it about a week and a half and have dropped it twice. (It's quite heavy, which I think is the reason I drop it more than I did my old phone.) Every time I drop it, the hard case that covers the screen breaks. (Also, my phone still got banged up since the case exploded and flew right off, so, WHAT'S THE POINT?)

    Also, when I took it to the Telus store to get a new battery (the original was a dud), the girl who helped me accidentally broke the tabs on the case when she took it off to reach my battery. I've now gone through 3 hard cases in a week. I've cleaned out my local Telus store of hard cases, and I'm not going to bother wasting my money on more! But I'm scared to leave the top-half of my phone unprotected.

    Long story short - where can I get my hands on a soft rubber case for my phone?? Help would be appreciated. :)

  2. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    I haven't seen or heard of any yet unfortunately but I have had pretty good luck with
    not dropping it.it looks so guys I would almost hate to put a case on it.my sisters galaxy s on the other hand looks awesome with the blue soft case I got her.
  3. Landrew

    Landrew Active Member

    I don't think it's possible to design a rubber case for a phone with a slide-out keyboard, without losing the ability to slide out the keyboard.

    I saw one of those clear hard cases in a Telus store for $40, and I'm glad I didn't buy it, because I saw the same thing in another Telus store for $12. Somebody should report such ripoffs to Telus and the BBB.

    I have been using the clear plastic hardcase for a few months now, and I like it quite well. My only complaint is that the small plastic tabs break off after a week or so, but I cured that with a bit of double-sided tape.

    If I hear about a rubber case for the Shine Plus, I'd be very interested also.
  4. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    Search for an LG Ally cases. I think there is one. When I was looking for a new phone, one salesperson showed me his shine plus and I remember it had some sort of silicone skin, but I did not really examine it close enough to see how it attached.
  5. Burned

    Burned Well-Known Member

    Maybe a soft case for those crackberries would work?
    Guy at work has one, I will see if it fits.
  6. Sammii

    Sammii New Member

    Would a case for the LG Ally fit the Shine Plus?

    Also the hard cases for this phone are honestly useless. The back section of it has been working fine since I've managed to not drop it in a while. ;) But I tripped on the charger and knocked the phone off my desk onto *CARPET* and the hard case broke. It didn't even fall off the phone - a chunk literally broke out of the case. Wtf??? Seriously. Way to test out your products, LG.
  7. South-Pak

    South-Pak New Member

    If you are looking for hard cases, soft cases, or even custom cases, I recommend you try out South-Pak. I bumped into the website while looking for a Custom Case.
  8. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    The shine plus is heavy and slippery. I did see a hard clip-on case that had a soft rubber coating (and there are LG Ally versions easily found on the internet). Makes it easy to grip, but I would still have the concern that the tabs could break off and did not buy it.

    I left on the original plastic coating on the battery cover for many months and finally took it off when it started to get bubbly and the edges started to peel. The phone is a lot more slippery without the plastic on the battery cover. Perhaps you could find some stick on rubber that you could cut to size.
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  9. mattman910

    mattman910 Member

    There are no rubber or soft gel cases for the Shine Plus that Telus will be able to provide as none of their suppliers make them, they do have leather hip pouches that will fit the device but thats pretty much it.

    hard case that does nothing or leather hip pouch w/clip....
  10. barney_rebel

    barney_rebel Well-Known Member

    I got the black hard case from my telus store. It's ok, but after like a month the tabs scratched the hell out keyboard and they all eventually broke.

    Right now, I used caulking to hold it together. Works pretty cool actually :), except the odd time every few months when I have to reboot by taking out the battery.
  11. Bobby 2 Shoes

    Bobby 2 Shoes New Member

    I got the case from the Telus store (for free) and it is kind of rubberized. If the tabs break, which mine did) I just put a couple pieces of "Sticky Tack" like you use to put up posters. Works great and you can take it on and off easily to access the battery.

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