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  1. afrenett

    afrenett New Member

    I've been searching on the forums and have not found a solution yet for this and don't want to send the phone away for weeks if I don't have to. I was updating phone to latest firmware and error came on screen that PC lost USB connection with phone and to remove battery to power down, replace and retry download. When the phone turned back on it was stuck on a white screen with the LG logo in the middle. Now my pc won't recognize phone even if I try and download USB drivers again.

    I have tried to put it in recovery mode with "volume up + home + power" but still stays on the LG logo screen. Any other suggestions. Thanks.

  2. Burned

    Burned Well-Known Member

    Did you remove the Sim and SD card?
  3. a.bourdeau

    a.bourdeau Active Member

    Bump. I have the same problem!

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