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LG Spectrum File Mirror

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  1. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I've asked permission from most people and most have not argued...

    I have supplied a mirror location hosted at my website (advertising free, with direct links) for nearly all of the LG Spectrum files that have been posted on Android Forums. In addition, I have provided a large number of the Stock .apk files (I actually have all of them on the website, just not links to all of them), the unbricking tools are there, the rooting tools (including my Linux scripts for rooting the LG Spectrum, borrowed from the already available One click Windows Batch file), the current Android SDK is there (Windows and Linux), the current version of Java is there (Windows and Linux, 32 bit and 64 bit). I have also posted the original media and sounds folders from the stock ZV4 LG Rom. If anyone knows of something I have missed, I'll be happy to consider it. If anyone is working on something new and needs a place to put it, let me know. I prefer to do it as a mirroring location, rather than a primary file repository.

    Also on the page are links to the Threads here on Android Forums for instructions on what to do with these files, and Thanks to some of those who have made all of this possible. Again, anyone has any issues, concerns, additions, or removal requests. Please let me know, sometimes I am checking Android Forums and my email 20 times a day, sometimes 1 or 2 times, but I'll get it.

    I have finished most of the testing on my extremely minimal Broken Out Rom revision, the Zip file is just over 172.3MB, it leaves 755MB free on the system partition, works 100% (so far) and only has 1 remaining issue so far, unfortunately to resolve it I will have to rip open a system apk, figure out what it is doing, and "borrow" a small bit of code from it to make a smaller apk that replicates one of it's functions and replace the original system apk with it. this will however be provided for others to use and will cut out an additional 1.xMB, not quite enough to reach my goal of getting under 170MB for the Bare Rom zip size.

    Install time took me 1 min 8 sec and the second reboot after installation took exactly 30 secs, I think it is even faster a few reboots later. Of course the more you install on your phone, the slower it goes, so your mileage may vary.

    After/If I can get this last issue resolved, I will start modifying the Rom to make it more unique and not just a minimal install, there is after all an additional 755MB of system space to use up! At that point I will make a thread for that specific Rom (If I ever get it done, I am lazy and this would be my first Rom), unfortunately I know nothing about kernels, so I am at the mercy of others to do that work.


    I fixed the links for the Stock Apps, I forgot that I had started creating some sub folders for sorting the files and forgot to update the links. If you don't feel like reading what I wrote, you can browser all the files (including the ones I have not yet put links up for) by going here:



    I have updated the page to include Broken Out 1.1 and a minimal version of Broken Out.


    I have updated the page to include Broken Out 1.2.1 and a minimal version, adding a modified version as well (taking the minimal, but with apps included to make it more usable). My first steps towards taking the Rom in a different direction and making it a unique experience. This should be available some time tonight, I have to make sure it boots and all the apps work first, so it might be tomorrow before it is available to download. Once I get into other customizations, including the notification bar and more system changes, I will give it a name and thread on this forum.

    Popcorn Kernel is now mirrored as well.


    Broken Out v1.3 added for download, modified versions to come.


    EvenLess-v1.3 version of the Broken Out v1.3 Rom is up for download, and a zip of what I removed from it. I made some new changes in this version,

    1. Added "EvenLess v1.3" to the install screen, so you know what version is installing during the install.
    2. Updated the Rom version to show "EvenLess1.3" so that you know what you are running after flashing and booting into the Rom.

    3. Installing the Rom now auto selects the Droid notification sound as the system default notification sound after flashing and booting up.

    4. Installing the Rom now auto selects my custom ringtone (The theme song from Halo) after flashing and booting up, where previously there was no ringtone selected or installed with the EvenLess Roms.

    5. Increased the default time for wifi scans when NOT connected to a wifi network, Broken Out scans every 3 minutes, EvenLess scans every 4 minutes.

    6. updated 17 apps to newer versions

    If mtmichaelson ever stops updating so fast, I'll get a version out that is useful, the 1.2.1 version I was working on is only halfway built and now we have 1.3... I'll try to get it done this weekend and have it up on Sunday. In case you read this far and do not know, the EvenLess version of his Broken Out Rom is a tiny package, the current version, 1.3 is only a 174.9MB cut down from 218.1MB of the full Broken Out Rom. it boots, it runs, it has Gmail, ADW launcher, and the Google "Play" Market, not much else is included that is not necessary to run the OS, including all files and settings for non-english installation. Also added is a larger "blocking Hosts" file from www.securemecca.org (the delay is caused by me being too lazy to go download the free version of some paid apps that I use on my phone and want to include in the Rom).

    Broken Out 2.0 is up, adding the "move the clock from the center" .zip also.

    I noticed that the Broken Out 2.0 link was still for 1.3, sorry about that, I have fixed it (the 2.0 file was there, and available if you browsed the broken out folder, but I forgot to update the link...

    Broken Out v3.0 and the EvenLess v3.0 are now up and available

    I have added a link for the V6 rooted stock nandroid, the file has been there since it was released, but I never added a link.

    I have updated the Linux scripts so they are functional on a clean linux installation (without setting up the UDEV file), this works by running the script with sudo, or after typing "su" you can also use the following command if you do not want to run the script with root access.

    Code (Text):
    2. sudo echo 'SUBSYSTEM=="usb", SYSFS{idVendor}=="1004", MODE="0666"' >> /etc/udev/rules.d/99-android.rules
    The script will still do what it is supposed to without root access, but will error when it tries to execute the above line (the script version starts with "echo").

    EvenLess now comes with ZEAM Launcher as the ONLY launcher program

    EvenLess now comes with Dolphin mini as the ONLY web browser program

    EvenLess now displays the step number during installation (1-10) as a half-butt progress meter, I know there is a better way to do it, and I'll look into it for ICS.

    EvenLess 3.0 has the Broken Out <3.0 boot animation, not the new Xperia boot animation.\

    As we probably will not see ICS in the next 30 days, I am going to try and get the modified Broken Out I have been promising... I am afraid my skills at this time prevent me from doing major theme changes, like MT, but I will be setting up a custom app configuration and trying to learn how to theme the Rom to make it unique.

    saving the best for last...
    The current version of EvenLess v3.0 while still piggy-backing on the work of MTMichaelson is down to 161MB in size (for the zip file). After downloading and installing Titanium (5.02MB download plus what ever it expands to, manage applications shows 6.78MB used space plus 64KB cache) you get 755MB free system space out of 1007MB (no idea what to do with all that!) and 1.61GB of internal user space out of 1.69GB!

    if you go to the directory listing (instead of the blog post) you will find an "EvenLess" version of the V6 stock rooted nandroid, it is not on the blog post yet, as I intend to try and make it a flashable zip before I do that. I've just been messing with the file a bit and am about to flash it to my phone. I have updated the MD5 sums for the changes I made, so CWM should have no issue flashing it (I am out of town right now and my Spectrum is my only internet source, so I won't be able to update if it worked until later as we are about to leave to head home). I cut 662MB out of the V6 file, so "No it will not work with a future OTA update" I can probably drop the file another 30MB or so, but I wanted to leave somethings in for testing purposes that I am working on. Will update tonight or tomorrow. if I can.

    I have been making updates, just not updating this post...
    I have added Black Plague, plagued Ninjroid, HoLoS, the new CWM files, the new all in one root with the new CWM files, and re organized both the post and the files for the Spectrum. you will now find a .txt file in most directories that contains links to the source locations for the files contained within the directories, this is for the people who go to the server to download files instead of reading the blog post (there are more files available on the server than listed in the post).
    I still have my Spectrum, I still use my Spectrum, I still update the available files for my Spectrum.

    (just a note, I used to have a Notion Ink Adam Tablet, great idea, good hardware, bad customer support, not so great price, sold it about 14 months ago. The point is I have not updated my page for that device, and I get twice as many hits for it daily as the Spectrum page, so I updated some things in the directories on the server thinking/hoping it is because most people are skipping the blog post for the Spectrum!)

    One day I may get around to adding new content to my website, I just have too many other half finished projects lying around...


    one more time, many many thanks to Mtmichaelson without his work (and others) none of this would be possible.

    LG Spectrum One Stop Download Shop

    I have also started a page about the apk files I have removed from the Rom, I hope they help others.

    and last, I want to add thanks to brianmaedche and MrB206 for their hard work on the Spectrum.

  2. stef7

    stef7 Well-Known Member

    That's pretty cool.

    I asked recently in another thread:

    where I might find the "GenieWidget.apk" file - that nice / thin UI to News and Weather that came on Froyo.

    So two possible suggestions:
    Perhaps a section pointing to links for really useful stuff that can be side-loaded like the above app.

    Perhaps a section on "tips and tricks" (for example: long-pressing Menu takes you to Google Search).
  3. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Well-Known Member

    very nice man!!
  4. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    Pretty sure I have genie widget from my Evo, not sure what dependencies it requires though. I'll head upstairs and power my desktop on in about an hour and look for it. If I do, I'll add it on this post. I have 5 or 10 compete system titanium backups from my Evo, plus a few nandroid backups

    also, just a note, I am working on an "Even Less" version of the Broken Out Rom, the current beta is down to 172.2MB (down from 221MB originally, and 192MB for my minimal), I may go ahead and flash it on my phone in about 10 minutes to test it all day tomorrow. If not, I'll get to it friday afternoon and run it part of the weekend, I removed a lot from it, so I am not sure it will be something I can just put on my phone and run with it...

    Attached Files:

  5. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    hate to monopolize the thread by myself, but bumping to make sure the updates are known. please see first post for information that has been added.
  6. liteon163

    liteon163 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like I need to get more involved with the inner workings of my phone... :-D

    I came to the LG Spectrum from an AMOLED DROID Incredible. I was spoiled by the developers over there. Time to see what I have available to me here.
  7. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    Im not sure what Im doing wrong here...I downloaded Polaris Office, Rich Note and LG Keyboard->Transfered to SD card-> Tried to reinstall via OI File Manager App and get msg saying app not installed. Im running Broken Out 1.2 by the way. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks
  8. Breukdance

    Breukdance Well-Known Member

    Any of the LG system apps need to be put in the /system/app directory and then restart your phone. They should show up then.
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  9. Nokoko

    Nokoko Well-Known Member

    Please post more specific instructions, I copied this from one of your replies on your website, thought others might find it helpful.

    "You may have to copy the apk files in to the data/app folder in the rom before flashing. Also try installing with any file browser (Rom Toolbox, es file explorer, andexplorer, android mate, system monitor (built in installer), or any other that allows you to browse the files on your SD card, if you need to make the app a system app and do not want to flash a new rom, Rom Toolbox should be able to do it for you, also Titanium Backup can do it (I use Titanium, although I am trying to move completely to Rom Toolbox so I can decrease the number of running apps on my phone). After the Rom installs, new files in the system/app and data/app folders are ignored as far as I have been able to tell, you have to run them through a package installer."

    Couple questions:
    1. How do you know if it needs to be a system app or not?
    2. How do I use Titanium? Doesn't it already have to be installed, it just converts it to a system app...

    For example, I downloaded RichNote and RichNote Widget. I assume the widget one is a system app, not sure about the other. I moved them to system/apps, restarted and nothing. Tried installing from the SD card (using es file explorer), they both started installing, asked about permissions, then said Application not installed.

    It's awesome you compiled all these and made them available but if I have to modify a ROM and reflash to get them it's not worth the effort, IMO.

    Running Broken Out 1.3.
  10. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    Some apps will not work if they are not system apps, and some apps won't work if they are installed as system apps, that is the best way to tell. I had several that I tried adding to the Rom as system apps only to have them not load at all, or force close on launch. Moving them to the data/app folder in the rom and then flashing made them all work again. Just because it is a widget does not mean it needs to be a system app. When in doubt put it in data/app instead of system/app.

    Titanium does require the app to install before it can move it to the system folder.

    Hopefully you will know either before you flash the Rom, or shortly after flashing, what apps are missing that you want on your phone. for a 85% success rule, anything I removed can be placed in the data/app folder on the Rom and it will run after flashing (please never use the windows built in compressed folders manager to open ANY Rom file, it can and will corrupt the file).

    You can also add other apps, if you have .apk files to do so. The data/app folder works exactly as if you installed an app from the market yourself on a running/working phone. I have a custom version of the EvenLess Rom that I use on my phone, it is 400MB and includes 80% of the Apps I want to install on my phone. I just add them to the data/app folder before flashing (I do have some in the system/data folder, but that took several days of trial and error to get them all working and to move the non-system compatible ones out of the system/app folder and in to the data/app folder. Some still did not work and I have to install them manually after flashing.

    some of the system apps refuse to install even with a titanium (or other app) backup, Titanium will just hang after you select restore, sometimes it hangs after installing the app and before/during the data restore, other times it hangs before it does anything. Either situation requires a manual force close of titanium from the system task manager/control panel. My best guess is that this (and the failure to install issue you are having) are all permission issues. I have not figured it out yet for the ones that just plain refuse to install with a package manager, or with titanium on a restore. To make it worse, there is a chance that the problem is slightly different on each app that fails to install.

    Sorry I do not have a quick fix for the issue, you can blame Java if it makes you feel better, not that I, or anyone else, can prove it is the culprit... I tend to chalk it up to "One of those things you just have to deal with for the ability to mod your phone."
  11. cac2us

    cac2us Well-Known Member

    When I go to your site from my Spectrum running EvenLess v.1.3 get some wapphole crap and a bunch of partial pages.
    When I go there using my DIncII it looks like it does on my laptop.
    Both phones running Dolphin.

    It seems to refuse to switch to standard.

    It's a nice ROM but if I get stuck in mobile only mode on the road, I can't use it.
    I will restore BrokenOut and see if it does it there.

    Yup it does. Guess it's a Spectrum thing.
  12. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    Fixed the Wapple crap (flushed it), one of their recent updates did it. Using the stock mobile pages now. (Previously WordPress did not have built in mobile. When they added it, I never switched)
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  13. jimmyalbrecht

    jimmyalbrecht Member

    Hey man, I'm trying to download your linux script for root and CWM Touch recovery, but UI'm getting a 404 error when I click on the link.
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  14. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    I'll fix it in the next 10 minutes, thanks

    Also, you can always go directly to the storage location and view like an ftp download site


    Fixed and tested, all four rooting links are working. Thanks again (the file had an extra ".zip" on the end of the link)
  15. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    The downloads page has been updated to include fixed linux scripts, Broken Out v3, EvenLess v3, and the rooted nandroid V6 links. OP for this thread has been updated.

    Sorry I have not gotten more done, I have been spending the last two weeks building a server for personal use and getting it up and running. I probably have another week of that to go before I can really get any work done on a fully unique Rom.
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  16. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    I feel bad for continuing to bump this thread; however I keep seeing new threads where people complain about links to a file, and then someone else (or myself) gives them the link to this information. I hope keeping this thread near the top will help others to find the information they need.

    The referenced download page in this thread has been modified. I have removed a lot of the information and links from it, for example to get the stock apps, there is now a link to the directory listing, where I have broken it down to apps from the ZV3, ZV4, and ZV6 updates. Also the archived files for Broken Out is now a link to the directory for them, instead of listing them all.

    I have added the OTA block file from mtmichaelson, I have no idea why it was not there earlier. I have updated the Java SDK to v7u4, and the Android SDK to R18. I have also added the Android NDK, but there is no link to it from the post, you will need to go to the directory listing if you want to DL it from there. Google does provide checksums for their files from the official site, please verify they match the files obtained from my site.

    I have not yet, but have been considering removing the details from the top of the post to another page and just linking to it, so there is less to load and less to scroll through when you go to the site, but I have not decided upon a way to do that (I know a few ways how, just have not picked the one I want to use).

    As a note, I do write all my posts manually (I do not use an app to add in the HTML tags, I code them in while typing), so when there are errors, you will have to forgive me for a typo (most likely, else I copied and pasted from another line and forgot to update all of the information, example, I noticed today, that I had the 32 bit and 64 bit files miss labeled for the SDK as I copied the 32 bit line and pasted it for the 64 bit line, then apparently never updated it). Please post here or on the site to notify me of any issues and I will get them resolved.
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  17. brianmaedche

    brianmaedche Well-Known Member

    You can now add mt's kernel, from his from to your page he has it posted ijn the open of brokenout
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  18. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

  19. droid-man

    droid-man Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure if you're aware, but, many of the links at this site return 404 errors.
  20. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    I will take a look, I've been moving a lot of things around. Since I had code in html using gvim, sometimes I make typos. Then even worse, I copy and paste them over and over, just editing it for the next file... I did fix a few of those this past weekend. Where I had moved since older stuff to an archive folder and never updated the links, and another where I missed the "/" between two sub directories.

    Go to the files directly

    Also there are a lot of other files beyond what is listed in the post.

    I need to check and see if I added the new clockwork images, I know I have not put any links on the webpage for them. If I did then the old links will be broken for the previous versions. I should be able to do some link checking this week, maybe on Thursday. One reason I cut a lot of the files off the webpage, I have several hundred files there for the spectrum. I need to do done additional work and pull a bunch of the stock as apks out of v6, as the ones I have up now were pulled from the nandroid, I want to get them actually it off a strong phone running v6, possibly do rtb or titanium backups of them.
  21. finndo77

    finndo77 Well-Known Member

    ok, updated the file repository a good bit, I have not updated the actual post about it recently however. I will be getting to it tomorrow... er today, after I get some sleep. pretty much everything for the Spectrum is available on my site. I am working to update the stock apps with versioned apk files in the next week or two (at least for V6), I won't be doing apks for ICS until we have an official OTA.

    CM9 and AOKP betas are also mirrored. Thinking about it, I might be busy working on my YouTube channel tomorrow, so I might not get the post updated, or maybe I will, The sun is about to come up, so I don't think I am thinking very well right now... not to mention right now Frank Sinatra is singing "The Christmas Song" over my speakers... that is never good for ones thinking.
  22. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    I ask that my files not be mirrored. I host all mine from my site(s), goo.im, or dev-host. I do this for several reasons, 1.) So I can verify their integrity 2.) I include instruction in most case to install and list anything known not working. Now I read on your site for those file you dont have permission to mirror you will link to their source, I'm fine with that and ask that you link to my OP's with said files details or the wiki pages I have for them.



    PS, this is in no way anything against you. ;)

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