LG Spectrum VS920 4G, or Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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    I'm currently using a jailbroken iPhone 3G on AT&T. Jailbroken simply for the control of the phone. I am switching to Verizon this week and going to Android because the Android phones have such better hardware. I mean seriously the iPhone 4S sucks as far as hardware is concerned, 1/3 the RAM of the GS3 and a little more than half the speed. Apple has lost me. The iPhone 5 better come packing or I foresee another exodus of iPhone users to Droid. I digress.

    I really want the hardware of the GS3, but no way in hell would I own a white phone. I'm a bit of a clean freak and I can see myself going crazy over slight discolorations and spots, like having a white car or white shoes. The blue just doesn't suit me. So I want to wait until October when the GS3 is released in black. In the meantime I'm leaning toward the VS920 or Galaxy Nexus as cheap substitutes.

    I'm hoping some owners will weigh in and help me make my decision. I have gone to the store and test driven all the droids and read a ton of reviews, including rooting tips, so I think I know what I am getting into with the Droid switch. Based on reviews and my test drives I'm seriously drawn between the VS920 and Nexus as far as hardware and performance. The only difference I can see is $50. Does the OTA really make that much of a difference? What say you?

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    Welcome to Android Forums, Hairypiglet!:)
    We hope you will find this forum a comfortable place to learn about Android.

    I have moved this thread into the 'Device Comparison' forum for further discussion.
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    In absence of any sort of discussion in this thread and with much thanks to OfTheDamned's amazingly detailed comparison of the Nexus and RAZRMaxx, http://androidforums.com/device-carrier-comparisons/572450-galaxy-nexus-vs-razr-maxx.html, I have decided to go with the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. Her explanation really made me see the importance of software over hardware, so I will forgive the Nexus it's .3Ghz slower processor and 3MP less resolute camera in favor of its better screen, larger internal memory, and less bloated OS. I will probably root the device, but since I am new to Android I'm going to give it's native OS a try and learn my way around ICS. I will probably root it when JB comes available through Verizon, or sooner if I find any cause for disappointment in Verizon's ICS build.

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