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LG SPIRIT 4G (MS870) expozed!!General

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  1. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

  2. scarface87

    scarface87 Member

  3. scarface87

    scarface87 Member

    just found this too, what do you think? http://www.mylgphones.com/lg-e980-emerge-in-uaprofs.html
  4. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    All lg phones for metro have "MS" in front of it
  5. scarface87

    scarface87 Member

    yea i know that. i was commenting on what you said about the upgrades going up by 1 or 100. it was going up by 10 in that post for the optimus g2 phone model possibility.
  6. 1Andrew

    1Andrew Active Member

    Not sure if I can wait for the LG Spirit to come out! That $49 LG Motion deal is too good. Hope the LG MS870 comes out soon. :eating:
  7. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

    You dont have to make any hasty decisions the deal on the motion lasts till march
  8. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    Source? I'd like to get one but I gotta wait for a few weeks... Would be great if I could know that it'll still be 50 bucks in a few weeks when I go to get it...
  9. 1Andrew

    1Andrew Active Member

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  10. Gman9831

    Gman9831 I'm no Senior

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  11. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

    Well the LGFlash DLL for MS870 exists and so does the firmware, just can't download the firmware from guessing with MS770 f/w link :( probably not on LG's servers yet.

    DLL: MS870.dll.zip

    That gives me time to make some more money so I don't have to go to bank and withdraw $$ :D
  12. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    Sammyz, how do you get to these firmware files????
  13. 1Andrew

    1Andrew Active Member

    Ha, oops. Didn't realize you posted it, too. :eek:

    Hope the Spirit comes out soon. 18 days till months end. :D
  14. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Get your wallets ready should be here between the 18th and the 25th :D
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  15. Guitarkidd

    Guitarkidd Active Member

    Really? :) how do you know?
  16. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

  17. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid Guide

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  18. Kid09

    Kid09 Well-Known Member

    Good to hear
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  19. njking25

    njking25 Well-Known Member

    Is the price confirmed?
  20. portcitypetino

    portcitypetino Active Member

    Hope it has the Nova Display!
  21. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Not yet should be soon though
  22. Diego1593

    Diego1593 Well-Known Member

    No please no it will have a over heat problem its better if it was omeld but lcd should still work well
  23. averagewonder

    averagewonder Well-Known Member

    Hmm I haven't heard anything about nova displays being the cause of overheating.
  24. 1Andrew

    1Andrew Active Member

    Nova display or no nova display, as long as it's just as good or better than my lg esteems, I'm happy!

    I have the money ready to be spent, just sitting here collecting dust. lol :D
  25. n4zty

    n4zty Well-Known Member

    If your looking forward to rooting this device and installing some sort of custom recovery i would suggest waiting to see if some1 can confirm the speculation that its going to have a locked bootloader, or else you'll have a almost complete stock device for a very long time. unless you dont care for none of those things then enjoy :D

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