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LG Thrill 4G Wi-Fi problemSupport

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  1. sobi

    sobi New Member

    Hi, I have LG Thrill 4G and I am having issues with my wifi. I have had it working but now I realize that the way I had my wifi working, it was giving less speed across my wifi to other devices. Let me make it simple, after searching alot on google, I found that if I change my 300 mbps to 54 mbps in the router settings, my wifi on Thrill will work. So for a long time, I had it set to 54 mbps but the internet on my laptop was very slow. So now I decided to put it back to 300 mbps and now all the other devices like my laptop and ipod workes fine and with good speed but now the problem is that my Thrill will connect to the wifi but it won't load any pages. Now just that it won't load any pages, it is only connected to the internet for a show or something because any app that requires internet doesn't work. Does anyone know how I can solve this problem without changing the setting back to 54 mbps? I tried changing the channel to 1, 6, and 11 from auto but no luck. If someone can help with this issue then it will be really helpful.


  2. matthewlf

    matthewlf New Member

    having the same issue now, had my thrill for two days now and this is my second one since then. Thinking about switching to something else but i'm a sucker for 3D.
  3. pete3000

    pete3000 New Member

    try upgrading your rom from LG to Gingerbread and see if it works better.

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