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Lg Thrill won't charge past 2%Support

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  1. sjrooney84

    sjrooney84 New Member

    I saw another post about this but no replies. My LG Thrill doens't charge past 2%. It's not rooted and I've done no special updates. I've replaced the battery and charger to no avail. Same problem. Please help. This phone is too expensive to buy again. (no insurance) I've tried holding volume and power button but it just boots up the normal start screen and starts the phone. HELP ME!!!:mad:

  2. d_chall

    d_chall New Member

    Also have an LG Thrill, mine is stuck at 4% charge. I tried ordering a newer battery, recalibrating the battery, factory reset. No dice so far. Anyone found a solution or at least the source of the problem?

    It acts like it just keeps charging. But it never goes past 4%. I don't want to buy a new phone, help!:confused:

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