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  1. ocr44

    ocr44 New Member

    Hi well i have the lg thrive im on the 50 unlimited talk and text plan and i pay 25 for data so i pay 75 a month. And i will be going to mexico next tuesday to tijuana and ensenada i live in los angeles so its close. And i wanted to know if my lg thrive will work? I heard that at&t go phone roaming in mexico is 25 cents the minute to make calls. I wanted to know if this is true? And if it is how does it work? I berly added money my phone 3 days with my credit card by calling 611 ago i put 75 dollars on my account and it worked but i wanted to know do i put more money or what? Because when i dial *777# i get a message saying my account balance is $0.00 but im able to talk and text all i want and use the internet on it . So i wanna know since im going to mexico should i add more money like another 25 bucks? Because since im here in the US im able to take advantage of the unlimited calling but since they charge 25cents the minute in mexico which im willing to pay and it says my accout balance is on zero should i add more money? Sorry if i dnt make sense its just that im confused and i really need help cuz i dnt have time to buy an unlocked phone for use in mexico and i dnt wanna buy a mexican phone because im only going for 2 days im willing to pay roaming charges as long as my lg thrive works over there. I wnt be using data while roaming i only need it to call back to the US thanks.

  2. melissa17

    melissa17 New Member

    I also live in LA and have an lg thrive and same plan i pay 75 a month.. and i was just in tijuana but i put 100 bucks on my phone. And as i was going by car and when i got to otay mesa i was still in the US side and i was just minutes away from the border my phone said no service i completly lost service from at&t. I was all freaking out thinking it wasnt gonna work because my boyfriends droid razr on verizon had already connected to a mexican network and his verizon razr said "Roaming" in the screen i was all pissed of and stuff but to my surprise as i was getting closer to the border "Telcel gsm" kicked in and i got a 3G icon and full bars and a message saying i was out of at&ts coverage area and roaming on a mexican carrier.. once i was in downtown tj i made a few test calls back to the US and called local mexican numbers on my lg thrive while roaming on TELCEL and everything worked fine they DID charge 25 cents the minute so thats awesome!! Compared to $1.99 the minute on my boyfriends verizon droid razr which by the way also worked fine no problems either in verizon.. only difference his roamed on another carrier called "iusacell" but same thing it worked only differece they charged him more.. o also i noticed at&t has better roaming agreements than verizon cuz i had 3G everywhere i went in tj while verizon only gets a 1x , or 1G icon it dont even get 3G lol how laaame..

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