LG Thrive stuck on "Emergency mode!!!"Support

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  1. NELOO

    NELOO New Member

    I think i did something really bad:(..I used Rom Manager(from Market) and i tried to update the ROM...the phone restarted and ..black screen and "udc_start"...i tried with KDZ_FW_UP and v10E,v10B..and i got this error
    W Param:100 si L Param: 4008
    And now ,when connected i got only yellow screen with Emergency mode
    I understand that V10E,V10b and every tutorial i found was for the optimus one but if anybody knows how, i will be more than happy..i am desperate because i love my phone and because my stupidity and that nasti app from market now i am lost...thank you for any help i may get!

  2. Rach

    Rach New Member

    Did u find out how to get it the screen to stop doing this?

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