LG updater does not recognise GW620

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  1. Addick

    Addick New Member

    My GW620 connects OK to the PC [Windows 7 32 bit] for mounting the card, synchronising and copying accross music, but the LG mobile updater tool does not recognise it. I was able to use the mobile update to download the drivers, but the phone remains stubbornly remains "disconnected" as far as doing a software update is concerned. So I cannot update the phone software from version 10b to version 10g, which according to the tool is the latest available :(.
    Anybody out there had a similar problem or got any ideas? I have tried emailing LG support, but get no response. I am using the cable supplied with phone [see Hero post].

  2. Addick

    Addick New Member

    I resolved the problem myself. It turned out to be simple. In order to be able to use the LG support tool to check for a software update for the phone you MUST REMOVE THE SD CARD first. It sort of goes against what you expect because the SD card has to be there to be able to connect to the PC and add media files. Hope this may help someone else avoid a pitfall.
  3. Ferno

    Ferno Member

    that didnt work bro, anyone else got a solution? :S
  4. Addick

    Addick New Member

    I spent a lot of time messing around trying to see if I had the right drivers before I got to removing the SD card solution. I have 3 driver files that were installed. An Android driver, a ModemLinkDUNDrive_WHQL driver and a USBDriver_WHQL. I am not that techie so it's all gobbledy gook to me. Just trying to help.
  5. Amanda15

    Amanda15 New Member

    i am having the same problem, sounds exactly the same, i have also tried fiddling about with it, the only solution i can think of is going into the shop, unfortunately, that is where they told me to try updating or it would probably have to send it off to be repaired. :( if i find a solution, i shall let you know.
  6. aqvilaro

    aqvilaro New Member

    guys could you help me regarding how to install aps/games on the GW620? because i have no freakin' idea!

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