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  1. Plaigh

    Plaigh Well-Known Member

    I didn't know if I could post this in the LG Venice area so I thought I would come here with it. I have had this Venice for about a month now... and it's nothing major (I don't think anyway) but when it's left alone, the screen will dim when 'resting' & a minute or so later light back up repeatedly. It's not that I have an alert, email, text or anything that came through but it lights up as if I do... I don't know if I just missed a setting or if that's "normal".

    (I feel like a Guinea pig with new stuff & I don't like it very much :p)

  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Hey there Plaigh. :)

    That's quite odd that it does that, have you gone into Settings and Screen and see about the screen timeout settings?
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  3. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Try GSAM Battery Monitor, see if you have something running with the wakelock permission - does what the name implies, keeps your phone from sleeping.
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  4. Plaigh

    Plaigh Well-Known Member

    I did everything stated here & I found out that it was my GO Launcher :(

    Looks like I'll be removing that from my phone (I really liked that app too)
  5. Plaigh

    Plaigh Well-Known Member

    P.S. Can this thread be moved to the LG Venice area? Thank you
  6. Dead By Dope

    Dead By Dope Member

    Could you guys let me know what is the must have apps for this wonderful phone?
  7. MiamiJeff

    MiamiJeff Member

    I dont have this phone that long yet .. but so far all I installed on it are the following:

    Lookout (For Phone Security (Lost / Stolen / Back Up)
    Zedge (For Ring Tones)
    Flashlight App
    DropBox (File Sharing for work)

    This Venice I use for work so I dont have many apps on it, as I use it primarily for calls, text, emails and internet.

    Just go to the Play Store and Scroll through the Free Apps / Pay Apps sections and see what might catch your eye.. everyone has their own likes / dislikes and needs and wants when it comes to their phones..
  8. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    Try ADW Launcher, Holo Launcher or just search "launcher" in Play store. You will have to scroll a lot due to so many Go launcher themes but there is many other launchers you could try. ADW is one of the best IMO.
  9. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    If you root it Titanium Backup, Rom Toolbox, and Busybox are MUST haves. Others I also install non root- a free flashlight, Facebook, Phandroid app (of course) or Tapatalk ($$$), Poynt, My Shopi, Redlaser, My Keyring, ES File Explorer, ES Task Manager, My Work Clock, Extreme Alarm Clock, if you have little ones that play with your phone "Kid Mode" is a must! Pandora, Skype, Mr.Number, Netflix, Fancy Widgets...Will add more of my faves.
  10. Dead By Dope

    Dead By Dope Member

    Thanks for the tips!

    I have a question. Recently i was talking on the phone and all of a sudden my phone restarts on its own. Any reason why this would happen? I haven't rooted it yet and i do have a few apps installed,Easy battery saver and one that boost my signal network signal speed booster. Any help would be great
  11. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    I have had this happen numerous times also with my Venice. It also happened with my LG Marquee, I think it's bad programming on LG's behalf. Only other time I experienced that with Samsung phones was due to errors in custom roms.
  12. Dead By Dope

    Dead By Dope Member

    Thats sucks. Maybe a FW update is on the way? I've read that alot of people have this problem with this phone so hopefully they can and will do something about it.
  13. ChickenMonkee

    ChickenMonkee Well-Known Member

    Only if we complain to them enough. Anyone know where to send our complaints?

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