LG Vortex Black Screen HELP!!!!!Support

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  1. pikafrogbro

    pikafrogbro New Member

    I REALLY need help, my parents are gonna kill me! I was charging my phone in my room and my mom left to go to the store and was gonna call me on her way home, so I unpluged my phone and plugged it into my bathroom so I could hear the phone if she got back before I got out of the shower. Then me phone turned on and made the turning on noise and the screen was BLACK!!!!! It wont turn back!!! Please help me!!!!! :confused: :eek: :( :mad:

  2. mussio

    mussio Well-Known Member

    Possible moisture problem if u took a hot shower I would wait it out put it in a window seal with sun. Glad I have my defy I can talk in the shower and not have to worry lol. Good luck

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