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  1. tsandroid

    tsandroid Well-Known Member

    I upgraded to the vortex from the HTC droid Eris because of numerous problems, freezing bad battery life, not keeping a charge, & constantly being told I was low on space. I got the vortex December 10th. Every since, it randomly reboots. Has anyone else had this problem, & does anyone know a fix? It's never been rooted. :confused:

  2. tsandroid

    tsandroid Well-Known Member

    Why hasn't anybody replied? Has nobody else had this problem?
  3. Cheezzer

    Cheezzer New Member

    My wife and I are having the same problem. It rarely happens but none the less it still happens. I can't give you an answer to the problem I was just commenting so you know that someone else is having the same problem lol.
  4. ralphjameson

    ralphjameson New Member

    My wife's vortex reboots. I suspect a power issue. I have noticed that if I remove the battery when the phone is off, the phone remains off when I replace the battery. Until I power it up. I wonder if the phone is on when I remove the battery, will it reboot immediately when the battery is reinserted. If that proves to be the case, it would confirm my suspicion that the reboot is due to the phone is loosing power randomly. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
  5. trethacker

    trethacker Member

    I have worked with computers and electronics most of my life and may have some insight into this issue to help. Although I do not claim to be 100% right on this, I do know that in my field, these are a daily diagnosis & occurrence.

    A cell phone is a mini-computer. Processor, ram, motherboard, operating system, virtual memory, video memory, swap space, etc. (If you don't know what these terms mean, thats ok... just understand your phone is a super small laptop).

    As a computer runs applications, it uses up resources that the operating system and hardware provide. Many cell phones do not have built in capabilities to handle this automatically, and several apps out there do not truly exit if you close them or stop using them (wanna see what I mean? Get Advanced Task Killer (Free) from the market and run it to see what things are still running even though you shut them off... or if your phone has the capability, check your running processes in the applications menu within settings (Vortex users for sure)).

    The longer an app runs, even if only in the background, the more of the system's resources it is using and eating away.

    When a computer runs out of resources that allow it to function properly, it will usually do one or more of a few things... freeze and require a manual reboot, error screen and require a reboot, or reboot automatically... sometimes even just shut off automatically (newer motherboards love to do this when they overheat).

    Your cell phones natural defense against low resources, and possibly high heat from excessive use and such as well, is to reboot and protect itself from other things that can happen and leave you without a phone while the dealer/manufacturer fixes the trouble.

    I know lots of people with lots of different phones across all the networks, and even as far back as the Motorola RAZRs and such, phones will reboot. Some more than others, some even do it differently then others (Vortex will shutdown and reboot itself as if you had just turned it off then back on... my previous phone, a Windows Mobile phone, would drop out of whatever you were doing to the home screen, and semi freeze (some things worked, some wouldn't) and then all of a sudden the screen would flash the Windows Logo and then my home screen again), but one thing seems to be for sure, all phones seem to do it when they need to or are programmed/hard coded to.

    As for pulling the battery when the phone is on and expecting it to be on when you put the battery back in, this actually should NOT happen as the purpose of pulling a battery is to remove all residual charge from the phone, killing power completely, and then starting fresh. If your phone does turn on when you put the battery in, without using the power button, then there is likely an issue that needs to be fixed.

    If you feel that your phone reboots more than it should, or know that it does more than another of the same phone, you should take it to your dealer or talk to the manufacturer about it to see what they have to say and how they can help/solve the trouble.

    But I do believe that cell phone rebooting is just something we are going to have to get used to in this new day and age of phones and technology. If a phone didn't reboot itself, I would fear the damage it was undergoing from staying booted and in use.

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  6. netizenmt

    netizenmt Well-Known Member

    Also, if you have installed too many apps to your phone, the phone may be freezing or rebooting because of not enough free memory.

    To check this out a bit further, go into Settings and select "SD card $ phone storage". Under the "Internal phone storage" section, check "Available space". If it is less than 20 MB, uninstall some apps until you can get it up to that.

    Another thing that could be helpful is to install a cache cleaning app. There are several good free ones in the Android Market.
  7. tsandroid

    tsandroid Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the suggestions. My vortex has been acting up again recently freezing/rebooting once in a while the last day or two, so I came back here to see if there we're any suggestions. @trethacker:I know a lot about computers too so that makes perfect sense but android supposedly force closes apps as needed to free RAM. I did talk to Verizon, but they gave me the usual speech that it was the apps I installed, ignoring the fact that I'd just gotten the phone (it started the day I got it) and barely had time to put all my apps on it. As for storage I've been keeping 25-30 MB free.

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