LG45C Drivers Help!

  1. Tman16

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    I have Windows XP and an Android LG45C Optimus Net from Net10. I want to get music from windows media player onto my phone. I connected my device and it said"FOUND NEW HARDWARE". So I went through all the steps and when it said to select the hardware, I chose "Portable Devices" and when I clicked next, it said "UNABLE TO FIND ANY DRIVERS FOR THIS DEVICE" Can anyone help me and tell me what I should or I'm not able to do? Thanks much appreciated!

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven On to Seattle... Moderator

    I'm not familiar with your phone, but I do know that Android drivers can be fickle. Below is the link to the forum specific for your phone, try hunting there for an answer and if you can't find an answer, post your question there.

    Good luck and Welcome aboard!
  3. Unforgiven

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    OK, my bad, I checked out your forum and it is pretty quiet. I'll have some time tomorrow (my Pat's don't play til next sunday) to hunt around the interwebs for a solution. I'll repost here unless I see you started a thread in your phone's forum.
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