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  1. harris5800

    harris5800 Member

    I have a rooted LGE 400. Tried to upgrade software via LG PC suite. Get an error at 50% then phone goes in Emergency Mode. Tried to upgrade via KDZ - not working, get an error. Same result with LGMobile support tool(not recognized my IMEI......says try again!!!!!!!!!).

    PLease help to get out of this!!

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  2. rocket_rod

    rocket_rod New Member

    I have the same problem. brand new phone, not rooted. What do I do??????

  3. ramzkie23

    ramzkie23 New Member

    I am having desame problem as well stuck on emergency mode!!
    my computer is not detecting my phone KDZ flasher is saying phone not connected... tried the button trick but not works I just cant get out emergency mode... please help....
  4. rucksak

    rucksak Active Member

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