LGL45C chmod file error

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  1. jrdnkasparek

    jrdnkasparek New Member

    ok so i recently had to factory reset my phone and i uninstalled the root before i did it and now it will not root again after factory reset. Says "failed to chmod: rootutility" now while i was searching in the explorer for my system i found the chmod file and it says...
    "failed to open the file (java.io.IOException at com.estrongs.android.pop.app.dc.run(Unknown Source) at java.lang. Thread. run(Thread.java:1019))"

    does anyone know how i can fix this? would really like to root my phone again

  2. jackv4

    jackv4 Well-Known Member

    Factory Reset doesn't remove Su I believe do you still have super user on your phone? ???
  3. jrdnkasparek

    jrdnkasparek New Member

    no it is not officially on my phone. but the files are apparently still on my phone, and i dont know how to remove them, or what all the files are

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