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  1. jackv4

    jackv4 Well-Known Member

    So Now You have your LGL45C Recovery

    This is a Guide on how to flash Two series of Roms

    AreaRom Q Must Register For Andriod51 forum to download
    Engdriod Q EngdroidQ.zip

    So Before we do anything make a Nadriod Backup it is NEEDED!!!

    Now download your Preferred Rom

    Now Install zip from sdcard ok good

    now Wipe dalvik Cache

    !!!!!Now go to Mount and storage and format your boot image!!!

    !!!!!! Before you boot out Go to backup and restore/ Advanced Restore Select your backup restore boot and your Done!!!!

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  2. jch1993

    jch1993 Member

    I tried to use the area rom an my phone bootlooped on the arearom logo, could it be because I didn't wipe the dalvik cache?
    Edit: I tried that, but when I first did it, I didn't do the boot.img step but even after I tried it nothing happened, dev for this phone isn't pretty lol..
  3. jackv4

    jackv4 Well-Known Member

    You have to follow the guide as it says or you will bootloop at the beginng
  4. droethel

    droethel New Member

  5. Droid_HaXoR

    Droid_HaXoR New Member

    Thank YOU!! I followed the instructions and they worked, Flawlessly... The only problem is the screen is rotated 90 degrees-but go to settings-Display and turn "auto-rotate screen" "OFF", and it worked fine. I was a little confused on how to do this at first- ill try and word it different for others if it will help.

    1: Put the .zip folder(s) of AreaRom and/or EngDroidQRom on SDCard

    2: Boot into CWM (im running CWM)

    3: Make Nandroid backup

    4: (AFTER BACKUP IS COMPLETE!!) WIPE DATA/Factory Reset, wipe cache, and wipe Dalvik Cache.

    5:Go to install zip from sdcard/choose zip/ and install the AreaRom or the EngDroidQRom (i prefer the AreaRom).

    6: When its done installing go back, and go to advanced (settings) and format/wipe Dalvik Cache

    7: ****HAVE TO DO THIS OR SCREEN WONT WORK****Go to mounts and storage and "Format /boot", and let it check the MD5 Sum.

    8: When its done formatting boot go to "backup and restore"-"ADVANCED RESTORE" and then click on your nandroid backup you just made (or already had) and it will open another menu and choose "Restore /boot".

    9: Reboot and run your ROM Happily Ever After. :p
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  6. Droid_HaXoR

    Droid_HaXoR New Member

    The reason is because you don't have a boot.img and/or ROM - After deleting your boot.img, you have to make sure to restore it. This happened to me too... Read my step by step tut, see if its more understandable. Make sure you went to advanced restore- and restore /boot (boot.img)
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