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LGNPST and Vortex 2.2.2

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  1. Bange

    Bange Member

    Hello, first time poster.
    I found LGNPST here on this forum and have used it 4 times already. (keep deleting needed apps from the /system/app directory) and find it very easy to use. It resets my phone to 2.2 and then Verizon "kindly" updates it to 2.2.1 and then to 2.2.2. How can I get a 2.2.2 version of the TOT file or make one by pulling the data off of the phone? I've learned enough to root and restore to factory several times so I'm confident now about working with the programs. The only thing I'm having a slight problem with is connecting to the phone with the USB cable. Usually just turning the USB Debugging off and then back on once connects things back up to work. Also, is there a Gingerbread version available for the Vortex?


  2. OhSeven

    OhSeven Well-Known Member Contributor

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  3. Bange

    Bange Member

    SWEET and thanks. I followed a few more links posted in the thread and downloaded the source code also. I might not change too much my self but I do like seeing what's available and what can be changed.


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