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LGNPST .DLL & .TOT for Shine Plus?Support

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  1. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    Fairly self-explanatory... does anyone know where I could find a .DLL and .TOT file for a shine plus for use with LGNPST? I can't for the life of me find anything, spent a good 4 hours scouring search engines. The phone's stuck in emergency mode, and those are the only 2 file types LGNPST says I can use for flashing while in emergency mode.
    I'm also rather confused between the multiple image files used for flashing android devices... .kdz, .img, .bin, etc. Are certain ones interchangeable, in the same sense as .apk files are just standard compressed .zip files?
    Any help would be appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.

  2. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member


    I'm not familiar with LGNPST... And as far as I can tell, LGNPST should find the driver automatically if it's installed:

    How-to: LGNPST - LG Programming Ap - Flashing Firmware Tutorial

    Recovering a phone in emergency mode can also be done with fastboot possibly, have you tried that?

    As for different file formats, .img is usually a linux disk image. .BIN is used with some phones but it's just a raw binary dump. KDZ, never heard of it. IMG files are usually dumped with Clockwork or Amon-RA (Recovery), bin can usually be OTA dumps.
  3. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member


    Here's a link to the Shine Plus DLL.

    Free File Hosting, Online Storage &amp File Upload with FileServe

    Here's a link to the 2.1 DZ image. DZ is actually LG's weird way of packaging ROMs... KDZ is a encrypted DZ ROM. So I guess that answers my question. ;)

    Tell me your findings with this tool see if it recovers your phone!

    Not sure LGNPST will work with your phone though, looks like it's a CDMA tool... The KP500 tool might work though!
  4. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

  5. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

  6. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    LG Flashing/Upgrading/Debranding Tutorial - GSM-Forum

    Using LGDP2 v36 UTMS might work. If we use the DZ file I supplied in the all things root forum we might go back and forth between ROMs! We just need someone to test this with the DLL above... Seanre453, you're the perfect guinea pig to try this out... ;)

    Qualcomm section... Obviously it's risky to try on a working phone.
  7. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Just tried loading the DLL I found with LGDP2_v36 UTMS... Works. Loaded the v10d ROM... Also works. Now we just need a courageous soul to flash said ROM and hope to hell it works. ;) haha.
  8. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    Well, if the DLL and the firmware load, what have I got to lose? Downloading LGDP2 as we speak, I'll let you all know how it goes (fingers crossed) as soon as I do. Thanks for all of your replies!
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  9. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Hope it works... If it does and you're able to restore the phone to 2.1 or 2.3.3, please tell us which one and explain any details you may have concerning this...

    Thanks a bunch!
  10. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    As per some info obtained from the LG update program via a packet sniffer, I can confirm that the DZ file posted earlier IS indeed the correct ROM for the Telus version of the C710h. If this will come in handy to anyone, which I assume it may at some point, here is the link used to obtain .KDZ firmwares for your phone.
    were XXX is your phone's ESN, without dashes. The script will then spit out a string with model information and links to directly download the most current firmware.

    Sadly though, through fault of the phone or myself, I was unable to flash the firmware. As mentioned, the "c710h_XXXX-MP.dll" (XXXX being random numbers) does work with LGDP2. If anyone has any experience with this program, help would be appreciated, as I'm not sure whether I was doing it correctly to begin with. The phone's usb-serial interface is identified as COM9 in the hardware manager, yet when I load LGDP2 and the phone-dependant files, and select the port to interface with, it doesnt do anything. IE, COM9 remains "IDLE..." regardless of whether the phone is attached, on, or off.
  11. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    LGDP2 might not work for this particular phone then, I've read one person that stated this... Otherwise, maybe try the KP500 tools which were used for the LG ally... I'd probably be faster at helping if I HAD the phone in hand. ;) haha
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  12. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    I tried using the KP500 tools before, it was one of the first programs I tried, and it didn't work. Again, possibly due to my not being familiar with the program. Whenever I'd hit the option to extract files from KDZ (or equivalent, im guessing by memory), it would hold momentarily and then display the main menu again. Does that mean it's not reading the file properly, or am I to go somewhere to find the extracted files from the KDZ?
  13. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Ok try this procedure:

    you’ll have to download:
    1. LG-Utils.zip http://www.assembla.com/spaces/ks360/documents/aEZLwobzar3RzFeJe5afGb/download?filename=LG-Utils.zip
    2. B2CAppSetup.exe http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/client/app/B2CAppSetup.exe
    3. Firmware: the lastest Shine Firmware is v20a
    4. LG modem driver.
    5. LG PC Suite
    6. Remove memory card from your phone.
    1. Install LG PC Suite and the modem drivers.
    2. Connect your LG Shine Plus to the computer and select PC Suite Mode.
    3. Extract the contents of LG-Utils.zip into your C: drive such that the path of the folder will be C:\LG-Utils\.
    4. Install B2CAppSetup.exe while computer is still connected to the internet. When finished, the LG User Support Tool window should be showing.
    5. In the Menu Bar, click "Options & Help", and click "Country & Language". Select the appropriate Country & Language. Then just minimize the LG User Support Tool window and leave it running in the background.
    6. Go to Start Menu and click "Run". Type in: "%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\LGMOBILEAX\B2C_Client" and click "OK" (this folder path might be slighty different on different computers, but basically you need to get into the Application Data folder, which is normally a hidden folder, then navigate to LGMOBILEAX\B2C_Client\ folder).
    7. Select these 2 files: "LGMobileDL.dll" & "LGMUpgradeDL.dll" and copy them to the folder C:\LG-Utils\ (replace those 2 files in the C:\LG-Utils\ folder).
    8. Go to C:\LG-Utils\ and run KP500-Utils-EN.exe.
    9. In the DOS window that shows up, input the following:
      Choice: I
      Phone Model: C710h
      File (.CAB) including the firmware: C:\NameofFile.dz (change this to whatever version you are flashing with)
      Version(SW Version): V20a_01 (same as above, but without the "C:\" and without ".kdz")
    10. Once you press Enter, the Phone Upgrade window should appear, and "Analysis" will start.
    11. Next it will go to "Download" and extract the firmware file. (Notice it says "Extract kdz file Success").
    12. Then it will start the "Upgrade".
    13. At this point, the computer should pop-up a ballon that says "Found New Hardware". If you installed the drivers as instructed earlier, it should install the New Hardware automatically, and you should get a message saying "Your new hardware is installed and ready to use".
    14. The Upgrade should take about 10-20 minutes, the phone may reset a couple times.
      Wait until Update Completed message shows. Then press "Quit".
  14. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Wait, I have another procedure for you... Try this:

    1. Download KDZ_FW_UPD_EN.zip and unzip in a folder somewhere
    2. Download Drivers and install
    3. Download KDZ file and copy in the folder you extracted the upgrade tool
    4. Install msxml.msi from the upgrade tool's folder, reboot
    5. Run KDZ_FW_UPD.exe, select "CDMA" in type and "Emergency" in Phonemode
    6. In KDZ file select the KDZ file downloaded above
    7. plug in phone, wait for all drivers to install if any, Click "Launch software update" and pray!

    If the above parameters don't work, try the following combinations:

    Type: 3GQCT
    Phonemode: Emergency


    Type: CDMA
    Phonemode: CS_EMERGENCY

    or finally

    Type: 3GQCT
    Phonemode: CS_EMERGENCY

    If any of the combinations work, please post here so we can use it as a primary fix for bricked phones. If it doesn't, post error logs please!

    Again, hope we can fix this for you.
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  15. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    I hope I can too. Thanks very much for all of the details. I'm otherwise engaged at the moment, but I'll be in front of my computer and phone in roughly the next 45 minutes, I'll try both of your suggestions as soon as I can. Again, thanks for all of your help so far. You'll be the first to know if it works!
  16. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    Ok, running KDZ_FW as we speak, current as of latest time listed is the .log file, update still not complete, I will update asap.

  17. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Hmm... According to that log, it couldn't connect to the phone in CDMA... So I guess you'll have to try the 3G option. If it doesn't give any results within 20 minutes I'd kill the app and try again with the 3G option. It's a good sign though, it detects the phone... ;)
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  18. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    karendar, you are a god among men. Thank you so very much! It worked flawlessly. It also restored ALL of my old files, I haven't lost a thing. It takes a while after the first boot to get past the android bootscreen, but it looks like it was just installing drivers. Sends me through a restore guide, restores everything, and BAM! I shall set up a guide with a .zip of all files I used. FYI, I used CDMA with EMERGENCY mode using the .kzd the LG link i posted earlier gave me. Again, I can't thank you enough... I owe you a beer :D
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  19. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    yeah, that log was from my first attempt. I used emergency_cs mode on the first one.
  20. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Excellent, so glad we fixed your phone. ;) On top of that, it means we have an upgrade process guide for people who can't use the LG method! And maybe even a downgrade guide if they use the ROM! Now we need someone courageous enough to flash the 2.1 ROM.. haha
  21. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    Why don't I? As long as I know I can re-flash the 2.3 rom, I could give it a go regardless of whether or not it buggers up. Again, I can't thank you enough. LG Tech support was thoroughly useless, and I really didn't like the idea of sending it to telus just to have them send me a year and a half old refurb. Where would I post the guide, this forum or the root forum? though I assume it would be this forum.
  22. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    New thread in this forum preferably. I just don't want you to flash 2.1 and brick your phone, because going back to 2.1 is untested... So you might end up with a completely dead phone again and no way of going back. ;) The ideal person would be someone who has two phones.
  23. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    and the ideal person, ie myself, should probably have waited for you to respond before I went ahead and did it anyways... and wouldn't you know it, it botched halfway through. now it won't turn on at all. oh well, that was short-lived, wasn't it? no lights, no signs of life at all. any suggestions?
  24. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Do a battery pull, wait 30 seconds, slide out keyboard, add battery, hold the 5 on the keyboard, plug in USB cable... I've seen this procedure for Ally to return to the emergency bootloader. Maybe it'll work?
  25. seanre453

    seanre453 Member

    hmm... nope. no action at all. tried pulling the battery, plugging it in to the computer and the wall outlet, absolutley nothing. no LED, no backlight for the buttons, nada.

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