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  1. Foxykeep

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    Hello everybody !

    After several months of development, the DataDroid library is now available as an open-source library.


    The main purpose is to ease the data management in the development of your Android applications :
    • Local data management in a Sqlite database
    • Local data management in memory
    • REST Webservices calls with management of configuration changes (orientation for example) and Activities hiding for a phone call for example)

    A complete presentation is available on the library website.

    You can also test the library using the "DataDroid PoC" :


    The library and the demo application source codes are available on GitHub under Beerware license (more information about this license here).

    Finally a list of applications which use DataDroid can be seen here.

    Contact info :
    Twitter : @DataDroid_
    Email : datadroid@foxykeep.com

    If you have some questions, feel free to contact me or to add a post to this topic.

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    Thanks Foxykeep, and welcome to AF :)

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