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  1. mareng73

    mareng73 Member

    We have just got a Galaxy Tab 2 mainly for reading library books.
    We have used the Adobe Reader on the laptop and that's ok. Following the prompts for the Tab2 it directed us to Overdrive which inturn directed us to Adobe. Adobe downloaded 50% and hung up. Later we were able to download Overdrive fully and its working.
    Question1. Do we need Adobe on the Tab 2 ?
    Q2. If no how do we find the half downloaded Adobe and remove it?
    Q3. Will a Tab 2 accept Adobe Reader ( this increases the number of books we can borrow from the library)?
    Q4. How do we sort the Adobe download to 100%?

  2. Jayderose

    Jayderose Member

    I have Adobe Reader on my Tab2. I downloaded it from Google Play without any issues.
  3. Bosbouer

    Bosbouer Well-Known Member

    Ditto here, as I have a selection of Kindle books I downloaded Kindle as well and use that almost exclusively for reading books and magazines on the tab. It(kindle) seems to be handle layouts a bit better than Adobe
    Both were downloaded from the Google Play store.
    Try downloading Adobe Reader from the play store, it might just overwrite the existing partial download
    If you did not download it originally through play store, look for the "download application" It may be sitting there
  4. mareng73

    mareng73 Member

    Thank you gentlemen.

    Wife seems happy with Overdrive as more books are being added at our library to that system.
    The reason the wife bought the Tablet was so she could borrow books, not buy them as with the kindle system. I also order her large print books from the library.
    Why buy a book, paper or electronic, that you will never re-read at least we never re-read a book and we read at least 2 books a week each.

    Another adavantage of the tablet over the kindle is that she has email and internet access with it when she goes to the USA. She will probably load Skype next time so we can talk for free also.

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