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  1. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else getting an insane amount of light bleed at the bottom?

  2. tedz94

    tedz94 New Member

    yeah i have two of them and it makes videos hard to watch
  3. pantlesspenguin

    pantlesspenguin Well-Known Member

    Thanks to the fine folk at XDA, I found a fix! Download Screen Filter from the market. It's free. Uncheck the box for the button lights, and set the filter to 100% if you want to disable the screen dimming feature.
  4. Trleo19

    Trleo19 New Member

    I tried the fix you suggested and it works fine. My problem is that this phone is SUPPOSED to be a flagship phone and it's not. The NFC capability is useless since Google wallet doesn't even work on it yet. What am I gonna do run around and try to find NFC tags to scan to test the functionality.. Also the "Sweepshot" feature doesn't work. The only thing AMAZE-ing about this phone is the camera and ram. I upgraded from my sensation because i always had ram issues and because it lacked physical camera buttons and NFC. The only thing that ruins this phone for me is the screen bleed. I shouldn't have to sacrifice something and still pay $500+ for this phone. I'm taking it back tomorrow and waiting till something worth my hard earned cash is available.

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