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Light Flow Problem on Galaxy S4General

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  1. s4ny

    s4ny Member

    When using the battery charging notification (red) I noticed a bug on my Galaxy S4.
    The battery is 90% charged and the red notification (charging) turns into the charged mode (green in my case).

    Also when more than two notifications are on (e.g. mail, VIBER and missed call), the LED is blinking using two instead of three colors.

    Is there a way to fix these problems?

  2. SebaKL

    SebaKL Well-Known Member

    I would recommend contacting lightflow developer. He is quite prompt in replying mail.
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  3. s4ny

    s4ny Member

    Looks like his website does not open. Do you have contact to the developer?
  4. GadgetGeek

    GadgetGeek Well-Known Member

    Try enabling the "Charged battery" notification - and setting the "Charged threshold" to 100%.

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