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Light for menu, home & back keys ?Support

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  1. dedapr

    dedapr Member

    How do you turn on the light for the bezel mounted function keys ? I don

  2. jasonjackson

    jasonjackson Member

    Ummmmm... Wha???? I have seriously no idea what you just said. Something about LED buttons?
  3. dedapr

    dedapr Member

    What I am trying to say is that on my A1 the home, back and menu buttons are dark until I push one, then they light up.

    Is there a way to light them up BEFORE I push one?
  4. jasonjackson

    jasonjackson Member

    Well I know for Galaxy S devices, the app Keep The Lights On works. But you need root for that. (Im rooted with galaxy S abd use it)
  5. fisherking3k

    fisherking3k Member

    i stuck some silver stars from a sheet of japanese stickers over the buttons; subtle (enough), and makes them easy to find... (of course, i shouldn't have to do that...)
  6. worldwideroam

    worldwideroam Member

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