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  1. droiddecar

    droiddecar Active Member

    Can anyone tell me where the light sensor is positioned on the Nexus One? One of the reasons I returned the Droid was I hated how the light sensor was positioned in the upper right corner. My fingers would frequently block it causing the auto-brightness to change unnecessarily and annoyingly. I know on the Droid Eris it is on the left and I'm hoping HTC did the same with the Nexus One.

  2. MartinS

    MartinS Well-Known Member

    It's in the black surround of the screen. Top left, just below the left corner of the ear piece.

    Pg 15 Nexus One Manual.
  3. cxm

    cxm Active Member

    upper left - which means when in landscape it becomes bottom left - again very easy to obscure when typing or holding in landscape (I do it all the time)
  4. droiddecar

    droiddecar Active Member

    Thanks for the replies. Well the Nexus One solves 2 of my bigger gripes with the Droid - light sensor placement and lousy, unnecessary (for my preference anyway) physical keyboard, so I will most likely jump on it the first day it's available for Verizon.

    I realize when holding the phone in landscape you still have the blocking the light sensor problem, but I hold my phone like that a lot less often than holding it vertical.

    I hope it comes to Verizon sooner rather than later.
  5. Kalyan0077

    Kalyan0077 Member

    Does this sensor really works ? I have trouble with screen all the time, about why the light will not get auto adjusted. All I see when I go to out side is dark black . I manually need to adjust the contract from power widget, so as to ensure the content on the screen is visible. It is the same whether auto brightens is enable or disable. Any Help please ? Can we do any test to see if it is working or not ?
  6. Kalyan0077

    Kalyan0077 Member

    Any quick help on this issue please ??

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