LInda file manager

  1. pinn

    pinn Well-Known Member


    daft question but how can I paste into a folder after cutting/copying a file?


  2. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    Dont use that app but try long pressing in the folder you are trying to copy to and see if you get an option to paste.
  3. pinn

    pinn Well-Known Member

    Yeh, did do, but no joy. That's how I copied it also so would seem to make sense too
  4. ovigt71

    ovigt71 Well-Known Member

    try Astro File Manager. Is the best !!!!
  5. mmusaji

    mmusaji Well-Known Member

  6. pinn

    pinn Well-Known Member

    Nice one. Don't know why its not under long press.

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