Line 2 Stinkin' KILLS ! oh baby

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  1. cognus

    cognus Well-Known Member

    this Line 2 App is the most impressive thing I have seen to date on the Android platform, period.

    its my first day, so I may yet find some pitfalls, but man oh man is it well designed/executed. it means doom for the other VOIP/TXT apps out there if they don't raise their game a lot.
    kills google
    kills SIP-Mess.

  2. PSkeptic

    PSkeptic Well-Known Member

    Better than SIPDroid + Google Talk?
  3. cognus

    cognus Well-Known Member

    it could not be more different. Now, I would not know your situation in terms of the QUALITY of each call - that issue is so dependent on your locality and needs, but the integration makes SIP/Goog look like rank hackery. I'm not kidding. download it and give it a try ... it will take you about 3 minutes flat to see what I'm talking about. I had goog Talk/Voice/etal all working and did not touch a thing there - Line 2 just installed and setup without reference to any of that, doing no harm. I subsequently just turned off all the google/t-mobile/etc syncing and background stuff. so far, all my outgoing and inbound calls have gone without a hitch. I forwarded my t-mob line to Line 2 after testing it for awhile. i have no contract with T-m.

    like a lot of voip users, from call to call the quality varies - i have a little bit of delay effect and a little white noise, but the persons on the other end say it sounds fine, so for now I'm good. I live in a rural area where the cell coverage is lousy but roadrunner gives me good internet.


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