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Lingosbox Case?Tips

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  1. ColeHarris

    ColeHarris Active Member

    Does anyone know anything about this case:
    Looks very good almost too good and therefore I was hoping someone might know something about it, specifically in regards to its effect on signal strength. I had an e13ctron case for my iPhone 4S and its one of the few things I miss about having an iPhone and have been hoping something similar would be released for the GNex.

    Anyways if you have any info on this or even better if you have bought one let me know your thoughts on it. Thanks.

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  2. ejetmarie

    ejetmarie New Member

    i ever ordered the purple one from lingosbox,it's not for iPhone 4,so there is no bad effect for my GNEX,the price is lower than i ordered then.

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