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  1. blazen-moto

    blazen-moto Well-Known Member

    I've been fooling around with with the terminal emulator on my phone and decided to post a list of the most common commands and those of which I used.

    Obviously, you need a terminal on your rooted devour to run these commands
    (I personally would recommend "Android Terminal Emulator" by Jack Palevich)
    If you didn't know that before I told you, then you really shouldn't use these anyway.

    These commands have the potential to brick your phone if used incorrectly, but at the least they can also delete important files that could make the phone useless. Make sure you know what commands you are running and how they work. And (insert disclaimer here). You Have Been Warned.
    (I got most of the off of a google search, so I can't claim them as "my own.")

    * - use with ridiculously extreme caution!

    Commands Regarding Files:

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  2. Llanyort

    Llanyort Member

    how would one enter an "AT" command directly from the command line ?
  3. dsmryder

    dsmryder Well-Known Member Developer

    But it fits so perfectly for my use right now.

    Is there a command to reboot the phone into recovery from the terminal? I have a user who seems to have lost the use of the power button and would like to try to reboot into recovery to test.

    And if a guide could move this to a more general thread (if one is more fitting).

    EDIT: I found it.
    Code (Text):
    1. reboot recovery
    You need to go root first (su)

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