[LINK][ROM][ODIN][TAR]SPH-D710VMUB GB28 (GB28 Modem/Kernel/ROM - Root/Stock)

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  1. TheBritton

    TheBritton Resident Galaxy Cat

  2. peter counias

    peter counias Well-Known Member

    If you want to tweak this rom your self I'm running kobridge's GB08 tweak pack 4.33sf from the epic 4g touch site on xda developer working great Qua scor over 4500.
    An I'm using stock kernel!
  3. Ixlair

    Ixlair Active Member

    Okay, I'm on the Jelly Bean leak, would I have to go back down to Stock to flash this? What would be the process for me? I'm tempted just to stay on the leak for now.
  4. ajones23

    ajones23 Well-Known Member

    Yes you will have to go back to FJ12 ICS. Then update with GB28.
  5. Tjohnson042110

    Tjohnson042110 Active Member

    Has anyone else had issues with mms?
  6. Valstar101

    Valstar101 Active Member

    no issues with mms
  7. joffie

    joffie New Member

    Where did you find that version of kobridge tweaks? I can only find 4.34 and it stuck me in a bootloop so had to reflash with Odin.

    Also, does anyone have a hacked hotspot yet?
  8. lldiemaster

    lldiemaster Member

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  9. joffie

    joffie New Member

    Thanks that worked like a charm. Now I just have to get some mods and this stock rom won't be so bad.
  10. justin654

    justin654 Active Member

    Link to download said tweak pack? I looked in his thread but only saw 4.2
  11. peter counias

    peter counias Well-Known Member

    The link is on epic 4g touch development site kobridges page !!
    Go to the page on the GB 08 rom !yes don't use 4.34 tweak I bootlooped on that one too!
    Use the 4.33sf one !

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