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  1. Ive had my Streak for a couple weeks, and I want to root it while its still in the 30-day store warranty. Looked in the All Things Root Thread and no Streak love there? I love phone its a beast, and for $50 ATT trapped me for another 2 years just when I was going to leave them for Sprint or Verizon. A link on how to root your phone/and how to root the Dell Streak would be awesome. Thanks!

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    I had it rooted on 1.6, but have not been able to root since I went to 2.2, but I have got the unlock codes from At&t. BUT, the issues you will have is the Streak will not work on Sprint or Verizon regardless of whether it is locked or rooted. It will work on T-Mobile but you will not get a 3g signal.

    Rooting isn't going to solve your issues.
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    Is there a way to root dell streak without using a PC? I just need to temp root actually and delete some APK found on data folder. I'm using Visionary for Samsung but it doesn't work on Dell Streak. Anyone knows of other tool?


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