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Linking gmail into the mail appSupport

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  1. kinosh

    kinosh Member

    I've searched the forums and can't find my answer. When I tap the mail app, there is no gmail icon. But when I go to Menu > Manage accounts, my gmail account shows up. I already have yahoo and my work emails going to the mail app with no problems. How do I add gmail? It's there, but it's not there.

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    There is a separate app called GMail that has your gmail account. It's possible to add to the email account as well (from home, in settings->accounts, and set up using Gmail's IMAP and SMTP instructions), but the GMail app is already all set.
  3. kinosh

    kinosh Member

    Right now, gmail is going to the Gmail app. I would prefer for all of my emails to go to the Mail app, including gmail, so I think I have that setup. Gmail shows up in the accounts list you described, but when I go back to the home screen and open the Mail app, the gmail icon is not there. My question is where is it?

    When I try to remove my gmail account from the Gmail app, it says I cannot do it because the "account is required by some applications. You can only remove it by resetting the phone to factory defaults." I don't want to go back to the defaults.
  4. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    That account information is not used by the email/messaging application - as far as email is concerned, it is only used by the GMail app. See below.

    If you do not want mail delivered to the GMail app, tap the gmail icon in settings->accounts and uncheck "sync Gmail". That's your first step.

    Second, back in settings->accounts, ignore the google account that's there - you have just turned off gmail sync anyway, and, if you looked, is also used for other push syncing for calendars, contacts, etc.

    Tap add account at the bottom, choose email from the next screen, and enter your gmail account information. That should set up your Gmail account in the email app.
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  5. kinosh

    kinosh Member

    Thank you very very much!! I'm a happy camper now :)

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