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  1. hnefatafl

    hnefatafl New Member

    This isn't specific to a particular phone, but there isn't a generic "rooting questions" forum, and I've got the Hero so...

    I'm a linux user, so the idea of rooting the phone is one of the many reasons I picked up this phone. However, I've been reading the forums and searching around, and have yet to find anything about rooting *from* linux. Ubuntu and Fedora find the Hero beautifully; I've had better response mounting this than some portable hds I own.

    But has anyone successfully tried rooting any Android phone from a linux OS? I'd really rather not install Windows just to do this. I imagine Wine might help, but there's got to be a better way to access linux-to-linux than using Windows.


  2. monkegeo

    monkegeo Active Member

    As long as you can access it as a USB drive, you're in. Just follow this advice:

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  3. hnefatafl

    hnefatafl New Member

    Ah! Excellent, thanks! I'll try this later.

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