Liquid E not recognised by computer.Support

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    Dec 1, 2011
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    Not a lot i can say except ask your advice. I plugged the device in initially but no drivers seem to have been installed so I downloaded and installed relevant drivers manually. When plugged in the device is called Acer HS/USB Port and Acer Android hub or something. However it is not recognised as an eternal in "My Computer" nor does autoplay pop up as it does with every other external device i have. Only thing that does recognise is my antivirus which asks me if I want to scan. My computer says all drivers were installed successfully so don't know what the problem is. I'm not that bothered as can do most things from the phone but it is frustrating and Acer website no help at all. I emailed them and got a message telling me to ring a premium rate number. Any advice before I buy a cheap micro sd usb reader to transfer phone photos?

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    If there is a USB debugging selection in your applications menu, be sure the checkbox is checked.

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